The Village of Glenview

Public Health Services

​Temporary food service

The organizers of a special event that will offer food or beverages must complete a Temporary Food Permit
Application and a Temporary Food Operator Menu Form. Each food vendor is responsible for submitting a
completed application and must be approved by the Village’s Inspectional Services Division.

A market usually held outdoors, where farmers sell fresh produce direct to the public, cannot last longer than 14 consecutive days. The menu of a seasonal/farmers market will be approved based upon review of the establishment and its operations. All participants must operate in compliance with the Glenview Retail Food Service Code and all applicable Illinois Department of Public Health rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rules set forth may result in removal from participation and/or alternate enforcement action. Call (847) 904-4320 for more information.

Food establishment information

Vacant property

The Village considers buildings to be vacant if they remain boarded or in a state of deterioration for more than six months and/or no longer have a current property listing contract. As such, they are detrimental to public health and safety, contribute to the decrease in value of surrounding properties, precipitate disinvestment by neighboring owners, provide a location for criminal activity and undermine the aesthetic character of the neighborhood and the Village.

It is the obligation of the owner of a vacant property, per Village  ordinance, to register the property and to implement a maintenance plan. The form below must be filled out and a $200 application fee paid.

Mosquito control and West Nile Virus

 Most of Glenview east of Pfingsten Road is included in the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (847) 446-9434. The area south of Central Road and west of Washington Road is included in the Northwest Mosquito Abatement District (847) 537-2306. The area west of Pfingsten Road between Central Road and Willow Road is covered by the Cook County Department of Public Health (708) 633-4000).

Protect yourself from West Nile Virus by taking these precautions

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