The Village of Glenview

Liquor License

The Village of Glenview has traditionally maintained a strong regulatory position regarding both the manner of operation and number of businesses selling alcoholic beverages by the drink or the bottle.

In Glenview, the Village President serves as the Liquor Control Commissioner. S/He has the authority to issue, suspend or revoke liquor licenses. The Board of Trustees limits, by ordinance, classifications,  hours of sale and number of liquor licenses that may be issued.

For questions or information related to obtaining a liquor license, special event liquor license or related information, contact Lori Grandi, Administrative Coordinator, at (847) 904-4302.

Review Chapter 6 – Alcoholic Beverages of the Village of Glenview’s Municipal Code for further information.

Licenses are not transferable.

Persons under 21 years of age are prohibited from purchasing, being served or consuming alcoholic beverages, and are not permitted to sell or serve alcoholic beverages. All liquor laws are strictly enforced.

Applicable state legislation

  • BASSET Training -- A Beverage Alcohol Seller/Servers Education & Training (BASSET) law effective July 1, 2015 requires all on-premise alcohol servers and bouncers in Cook County to attend BASSET, and for ALL Illinois BASSET cardholders to renew their certification every three years.  Please visit the  Illinois Liquor Control Commission website for more information.  Information on free BASSET training classes can also be found here.
  • "Happy Hour" Legislation --Public Act 99-0046, effective July 15, 2015, governs "happy hour" specials.  Please visit the Illinois Liquor Control Commission website here to find FAQs on the legislation.