The Village of Glenview

Administrative Adjudication

​The Village of Glenview’s Administrative Hearing process is a quasi-judicial tribunal for the expedient, independent and impartial adjudication of municipal ordinance violations that were previously heard only in the Cook County Circuit Court. The Village Board adopted Ordinance 5454 amending Chapter 2 of the Glenview Municipal Code, by the addition of Article VII, creating the office of Administrative Adjudication.

The Administrative Hearing process is independent from the Village Departments that investigate, initiate and prosecute the Code violations. It hears cases involving Building Code violations, Fire Code violations, unlicensed businesses, health and sanitation, parking, inappropriate conduct and some animal related citations and other ordinance matters involving the quality of life in the Village of Glenview.

Individuals who want to challenge the eligible ordinance violations can do so in front of the Village's administrative law judge, who has the authority to hear testimony, issue final orders and impose penalties and fines. The judge is not a Village employee, but rather an impartial, licensed Illinois attorney, who must meet strict state requirements to serve in this capacity.

The program provides a more efficient and convenient process for residents who want to contest these citations but don't want to travel to the Cook County Courthouse in Skokie or wait through long court calls. As well, the costs associated with bringing cases to court are reduced -- from the $135 fee charged by the Circuit Court to $50 imposed by Glenview to cover some of the costs of the Village's enforcement effort.

Administrative hearings are typically scheduled the second Wednesday of the month at Village Hall, 2500 East Lake Avenue, in the Burnham Board Room.

For questions or information related to the Administrative Adjudication process, contact Julia Huinker, Police Records/ALJ Clerk at (847) 901-6009 for Police matters and Anna Grubisich, Community Development Administrative Coordinator at (847) 904-4304 for property violations.