The Village of Glenview

Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance

Preserving Glenview's quality of life

​All communities need building codes to protect citizens from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse. To protect the health, safety and welfare of residents and businesses, the Village of Glenview sets forth maintenance standards for all properties within Village boundaries.

The Inspectional Services Division of the Community Development Department responds to inspection requests for suspected violations regarding property maintenance standards; food-related health issues; trees on private property; and zoning compliance. Village code inspectors and sanitarians work to keep the public safe. With the help of all residents and business owners, together we can build and sustain a better Glenview.

Steps to enforce code compliance

  • A complaint is received or initiated by the Village of Glenview.
  • If the complaint can be substantiated and cannot be corrected at the time of the Code Enforcement Officer's visit, a Notice of Violation (written warning) is served to the property owner and/or tenant. The Notice of Violation will state that the Village received a complaint related to a violation on the property. The notice will state that the violation must be corrected and set a deadline for correction. The Code Enforcement Officer will verify that the complaint has been corrected with an inspection on the written deadline.
  • A re-inspection will be made on the due date listed in the Notice of Violation. If the violation was corrected, the case will be recorded in the Village data base and closed. If the violation has not been corrected, a citation will be imposed. Re-inspections will be made and additional citations may be issued for every day (or other deadline) the violation is not corrected. Fines can be up to $1,000 per day.
  • If an additional complaint involving the same issue and same property is received within a 12-month period, the Code Enforcement Officer will make a site visit to verify the violation and a citation is typically imposed. Re-inspections will be made and additional citations will be issued for every day (or other deadline) the violation is not corrected. The fines can be up to $1,000 per day.
  • The most common code violations in the Village of Glenview are those that are in public view. While there are many possible code violations, there are some that occur more frequently than others. See the video below for Glenview’s top 10 code violations:


Responsibility for property

The property owner is responsible for ensuring that code violations are corrected. If a property is occupied by tenants, however, they also have an obligation to keep the property in good condition and free from code violations.

Tenants are required to take reasonable care of the rented property.

Request a code compliance investigation

Code compliance investigations are initiated on a complaint basis. It is the Village of Glenview’s policy to keep the complainants information anonymous. To request a code compliance investigation, call (847) 724-1700 or click on the button below and fill out a service request for an investigation.


 Do's and don'ts of property maintenance

​Understand the rules. The Village of Glenview's minimum property maintenance code is available online here. ​Defer maintenance, especially painting and maintenance of a structure's foundation, walls and roof systems.
​Protect your home or business from the elements with paint or other protective covering or treatment. ​Allow exposed electrical wiring or unsafe equipment to be used; have them fixed immediately.
​Mow your lawn and keep grass and weeds less than 8 inches in height. ​Ignore a Notice of Violation from the Village.
​Keep your property in clean, safe and sanitary condition at all times. ​Allow your property to become littered or messy.
​Properly install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors; check them annually. ​Allow your fence, shed, garage or home to deteriorate or rot.
​Remove all trash and debris from your property. ​Park junk, inoperable or commercial vehicles overnight on your property.
​Contact the Village if you have received a Notice of Violation or have questions. ​Obstruct or build anything on the right of way.
​Maintain and keep the right of way clear of obstructions. ​Park vehicles on the grass
​Follow the 3 Rs -- Record, Report and Remove -- to help eliminate graffiti. ​Post or display more than one garage sale sign.

ICC certification

Village staff have achieved 100-percent certification from the International Code Council. Certification demonstrates exceptional knowledge of design, construction and code enforcement. The Village is proud to provide a high level of service to our customers.

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