The Village of Glenview

9/22/2023 8:20 AM

​Construction along Chestnut Avenue is progressing on schedule and nearing completion.

Chestnut Bridge9/22/2023 8:20 AMApproved
9/14/2023 9:10 AM

Keep an eye out for these upcoming events at the Glenview Public Library and Fire Department.

Youre Invited9/14/2023 9:10 AMApproved
9/13/2023 7:22 AM

​Have a comment about your road, sidewalk, water main, or other Village infrastructure? The Village is seeking feedback from residents as part of the 2024-28 Capital Improvement Program.  Your feedback helps inform Village spending on capital improvements within the 2024 budget.​

Glen resurfacing9/6/2023 10:38 AMApproved
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2500 E Lake Ave, Dewes Conference Room9/25/2023 5:30 PM9/25/2023 8:30 PMBuilding and Electrical Commission Meeting
2500 E Lake Ave Board Room9/26/2023 7:00 PM9/26/2023 10:00 PMEnvironment and Natural Resources Commission
2500 E Lake Ave Board Room9/27/2023 7:00 PM9/27/2023 10:00 PMNew Development Commission
2500 E Lake Ave Board Room10/3/2023 7:30 PM10/3/2023 10:30 PMBoard of Trustees Meeting