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Engineering Resources

The Engineering Division is responsible for the design of the Village's Capital Improvement Projects, issuing engineering permits for private development, and management of the Village's floodplain and stormwater programs. Infrastructure improvements undertaken by the Village include public road reconstruction and resurfacing; and water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and related improvements. For information on projects currently under construction, cli​ck here.

Village's Capital Improvement Program

The Village annually updates its multi-year Capital Improvement Program. The projects included in the CIP rely on these components to be completed: 

  • Planning
  • Engineering design
  • Cost estimates
  • Public bidding
  • Agency permitting
  • Public outreach​
  • Resident coordination

Private development

The Village provides engineering services and guidance for private residential and commercial development. These include:

  • Review engineering plans and reports for conformance with Village standards and specifications
  • Inspections for conformance with the approved plans
  • Calculate engineering fees
  • Manage bonds, letters of credit, other guarantees
  • Review as-built drawings
  • Acceptance of final improvements as new public infrastructure
  • Building permit applications
  • Water Tap application
  • Schedule an inspection

Floodplain management

The Village provides engineering services and guidance for protecting property that is in a flood plain and work performed in a flood plain. 

  • Manage Community Rating System (CRS) that enables flood insurance discounts for residents
  • A Village Development Permit is required for all development within the 100-year floodplain (construction of buildings, as well as filling, excavation, fence and other related work). Applications must be made prior to doing any work in a floodplain area. Contact the Community Development Department at (847) 904-4340 to receive all the information in order to properly perform work in the floodplain. You may report any illegal development activities to the above number as well.
  • For a more complete explanation of flood reduction methods and protection, click here.


The Village provides engineering services and guidance for programs that reduce the risk of flooding and property damage.

  • Implement the Village's Flood Risk Reduction Program
  • Administer the Village's cost-sharing programs
  • Address resident flooding complaints 
  • Keeping smaller ditches and streams free of debris can dramatically improve the run-off capacity of low-lying areas, as well as greatly reduce the occurrence of blockage that significantly contributes to flooding. It is illegal to dump materials into a required waterway and violators may be fined. If you see someone in the act of dumping or see debris in one of our watercourses, please contact the Village at (847) 657-3030.
  • For more information on stormwater risk education, click here.​ 

Overhead sanitary sewer conversions

Homes with gravity sanitary sewer systems are susceptible to sewage back-up; converting to an overhead system can greatly reduce this risk. Through this cost-sharing initiative, the Village and the homeowner will each pay 50 percent of the cost of this conversion -- up to a total project cost of $15,000 (that means that the Village will pay up to $7,500 of the cost). Below are links to additional information and application materials.

Village engineering standards

These resources list construction requirements and offer design guidelines to implement private and public engineering projects.

Additional resources


Adriana Webb, Engineering Division Manager
(847) 904-4414

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