The Village of Glenview

Fire Suppression & Rescue

The Glenview Fire Department's 80 sworn personnel operate out of five fire stations and have four fully equipped fire engines and one ladder truck at their disposal. On average, the department responds to 3,000 alarms (exclusive of EMS responses).

ISO rating

The department has earned a fire insurance rating of 2 from the Fire Insurance Services Office (ISO) of Illinois. ISO ratings are based on fire department services and protection, local water supply, as well as department communications. The rating system runs from 1-10 (1 being the greatest). Glenview's high rating means that property owners enjoy relatively low insurance rates.

Special rescue teams

The Village of Glenview participates in MABAS Division III, which assists in coordinating mutual aid between several north suburban communities and manages regional special rescue teams. Glenview Fire Department participates on the following teams:

Dive Team

The Village has numerous lakes, ponds and streams within the community. Due the potential for water hazards combined with increasingly variable weather conditions necessitated the creation of a dive and rescue team. This team provides a quick response of highly trained personnel and special equipment to the scene of water and ice rescue operations. The team is responsible for locating and retrieving submerged evidence to aid Village departments during investigations.  

Technical Rescue Team (TRT)

These members may respond to aid individuals, other fire departments and/or communities in the event of a disaster such as a tornado or a rescue situation that requires technical skills above and beyond typical firefighter training. They also respond to emergency events that regular rescue equipment and personnel cannot navigate.

Hazardous Materials Team (HAZMAT)

The Village of Glenview Fire Department uses prevention, preparation, education and ongoing training to provide an effective formula to control catastrophic releases of hazardous materials. This team, along with the battalion chiefs are capable of terminating these undesired incidents.