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Meeting community need with more efficiency

​The Village of Glenview on February ​9, 2021 released a reorganization plan that reallocates resources from Fire Station 13, 831 East Lake Avenue, and increases the number of ambulances in service 24-hours-a-day from two to four. The Board of Trustees unanimously directed Village and Fire Department staff to start the process of realigning existing resources at its February 2, 2021 meeting. 

The Board reached consensus to realign resources following review of in-depth data over a period of two years that identified increased community need for ambulances. One finding is that more than 65 percent of current emergency calls in Glenview are now for emergency medical care, not fire. In the plan released February 9, the number of fire and EMS responders employed by the Village remains unchanged and the number of ambulance teams is increased from two to four, which will provide 24-hour service. This equates to two additional ambulances available for overnight responses including a newly-assigned 24-hour ambulance centrally located in the Village that will provide improved response to the entire community.  

The realignment outlined in the plan enables the Fire Department to better match current personnel with equipment appropriate for the most common types of emergencies to keep Glenview safe. The plan also aims to make the department more versatile, provide relief to other ambulance crews in Glenview and improve overall service for the safety of the community. Under the existing deployment plan, resources at Station 13 were called out for service approximately 25 minutes a day in a 24-hour period and respond to roughly 4.5 percent of the department's total calls. This new plan attempts to better maximize those resources by placing staff and ambulances where they can be more effectively utilized.  

Fire Chief Tony DeRose and command staff members developed the plan following last week's Board meeting, and continue to review the plan with leadership and employees. "As you might expect, there are details that still need to be discussed," DeRose said. "This reorganization will not result in layoffs or reduction-in-force and the current number of officers per shift remains the same. Our review and evaluation of operations will be ongoing. In the meantime, we are confident that this plan responds to the Village Board's guidance and maintains our shared commitment to safety and efficiency."

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Background information

​On February 18, 2003, the Village Board of Trustees hired a contractor to build both Fire Station 13, 831 East Lake Avenue, and Fire Station 14, 2250 Patriot Boulevard, for nearly $4 million. A fire station was wanted on the east side of Glenview at the time because response times of apparatus from Fire Station 6, then the closest at 1815 Glenview Road, was impacted by close proximity​ to the Metra/Amtrak railroad tracks. An opportunity arose when the Village was able to purchase a​ single-family residence at the southeast corner of Wagner Road and East Lake Avenue for Station 13.

Since then,  Fire Station 6 was moved and rebuilt at 1215 Waukegan Road, more centrally located and several ​blocks closer to the east side.​

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