The Village of Glenview

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Garbage & Recycling Collection

Garbage and r​ecycling collection

The Village of Glenview contracts with Groot Industries for weekly curbside residential garbage and recycling collection.  Single-family detached homes and homes with two attached units (such as duplexes) are included in the Village’s contract with Groot.  Homes with three or more attached units (such as townhomes) are not included in the Village’s contract, unless the homeowners’ association applies to do so.

All homes in ​Glenview are required by Village ordinance (Ch. 58 of the Glenview Municipal Code) to have weekly refuse collection. 

New to Glenview and need to set up garbage and recycling se​​rvice?  Contact Groot at (800) 244-1977 to set up an account, and contact the Village to order carts if the prior occupant didn’t leave carts, or if you would like different sizes than those used by the previous occupant.

For questions, comments, concerns or to report a missed pickup, contact the Village at (847) 657-3030 or Groot. 

Pick-up days, times and general rules

Garbage, recyclables and other refuse materials are picked up once per week.  Landscape waste​ is collected from April 1 through November 30 only and separate fees apply for this service.  To determine your pickup day, pleas​e click here​  for a map. 

Here are some important things to know about your garbage and recycling pickup:

  • Village ordinance (Ch. 58 of the Glenview Municipal Code) requires all properties to have weekly refuse collection.  Single-family detached homes and duplexes are required by ordinance to use the Village’s contracted refuse hauler.
  • Materials can be set out at the curb after 7 p.m. the night before your pickup, and must be set out at the curb by 7 a.m. the morning of your pickup.
  • Separate trucks will collect your garbage and recycling.
  • If your pickup is missed, please contact Groot at (800) 244-1977 within 24 hours of the missed pickup.
  • Material must be placed in your carts for collection – this helps ensure pickups are completed quickly, efficiently, and safely. 
  • If you have small amounts of extra household garbage or recycling that doesn’t fit in the cart, place garbage bags or disposable containers of garbage, or tied bundles next to the cart, and place extra recyclables in paper bags or a cardboard box next to the cart.  You can place up to one (1) cubic yard of construction debris out for collection each week. 
  • All materials outside the cart – whether extra household garbage, recyclables, or construction debris – cannot exceed one (1) cubic yard in total.
  • Material outside the cart cannot weigh more than 50 pounds per piece or container– if you have a bulky or heavy item for pickup, please contact Groot to schedule a bulk item pickup (a fee will apply).
  • To dispose of white goods (such as appliances), please contact Groot to schedule pickup (a fee will apply).
    Remember, Illinois law prohibits disposing of electronics in landfills with your household refuse.  For information about environmentally-friendly electronics recycling, please visit the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County’s website.
  • You can recycle clear and colored glass containers, aluminum/steel/bi-metal cans, plastics (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7), paper (including computer paper, newspapers, magazines, phone books, etc.), corrugated cardboard, and chipboard (such as cereal or tissue boxes).  See details below.
  • Hazardous waste cannot be set out for curbside collection.  For information regarding safe disposal options, please visit the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County’s website.
  • If you will be on vacation for more than 30 days, you can request a vacation stop of up to four months by contacting Groot.  During this time, your garbage and recycling will not be collected, and your bill will be pro-rated by Groot.


Groot’s observed holidays are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  If the holiday fa​lls on a weekday or is observed on a weekday, collection will be delayed by one day following the holiday, and Friday collections will be delayed to Saturday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on Monday.  If the holiday falls on Saturday, there is no change to the collection schedule.

Garbage and recycling fees

Residents are billed directly by Groot for garbage and recycling on a quarterly basis.  The fees listed below apply for all customers, regardless of cart sizes, effective July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024​​.

​Weekly Service Type ​Monthly Pickup Fee ​Monthly SWANC Fee ​Total Billed by Groot (Monthly) ​Who's Eligible for this Service Type?
​Regular pick-up ​$12.13
​$6.05 ​$18.18
​All customers
​Senior Rate -regular pick-up ​$10.91
​$6.05 ​$16.96
​All customers, age 65 or older
​Backdoor pick-up ​$28.04
​$6.05 ​$34.09
​Grandfathered customers only
​Senior Rate - Backdoor pick-up ​$25.55
​$6.05 ​$31.60
​Grandfathered customers only, age 65 or older

Other collection information

​Additional Service Type ​Fee ​Need to Contact Groot in Advance? ​Special Instructions
​Construction debris - up to one (1) cubic yard ​$0.00 ​No ​Place debris in disposable containers, bags, or tie into bundles weighing less than 50 pounds each.
​Construction debris and large volumes of household debris - more than one (1) cubic yard ​Varies, fee determined  by roll-off container rental company ​Contact roll-off container rental company directly. Contact Groot or a roll-off container rental company to arrange dumpster rental. 
​Single bulk item (i.e., large, bulky items, and/or items that weigh more than 50 pounds, excluding white goods) ​$0.00 ​Yes ​There is no fee, but please contact Groot in advance to schedule pickup of one bulk item.
​Multiple bulk items ​Varies ​Yes ​Please contact Groot in advance to schedule pickup.  One bulk item will be removed without fee, and fee will apply for additional bulk item(s).
​White goods (such as appliances) ​$36.57​/item ​Yes ​Please contact Groot in advance to schedule a pick-up.


Reduced Rate for Seniors

Residents 65 and ​older are eligible for a reduced rate on collection services. In order to receive the reduced rate, individuals must verify their eligibility by completing one of the following: 

  • Visit Village Hall during operating hours and present a valid photo ID 
  • Email a copy of valid photo ID along with your service address and name on the account to ​
  •  Call 847-724-1700 to work with one of our customer service representatives

Garbage and recycling carts

Garbage and recyclables must be placed in Village-provided carts.  The following cart options are available for both garbage and recycling:

95-Gallon Cart 65-Gallon Cart ​35-Gallon Cart
​46” high x 28” wide x 33” deep ​42” high x 26” wide x 28” deep ​39” high x 19.5” wide x 21.5” deep

Ordering and exchanging carts

  • New residents who need carts -- Contact the Village if you do not have carts left by the prior home occupant, or if you would like different sizes than the prior occupant had.
  • Existing residents with damaged carts or lids -- If your carts or lids are damaged, contact the Village to schedule an exchange for the same size cart.  No fee applies.
  • Existing residents who​ need carts of different sizes -- If you need a different size cart, please contact the Village to schedule an exchange, and let us know which type of cart and size you would like. A $28.58​ fee will apply, except in July.
  •  Existing residents who need extra carts -- If you need an extra cart every week, please contact the Village to order a second cart. You must have the largest cart available before ordering a second cart. No fee applies.

Hardship program

The Village offers a hardship program for residents who cannot transport their garbage and recycling carts to and from the curb.

For additional information about the hardship program, please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 657-3030.  The hardship program application form is available here​.


You can recycle a variety of materials with your weekly curbside collection, including:

  • Clear or colored glass containers
  • Aluminum, steel, and bi-metal cans
  • Paper, including newspapers, magazines, cups, phone books, computer paper, milk and juice aseptic cartons (such as orange juice) and other non-waxed papers
  • Corrugated cardboard (cut into 2-foot by 2-foot pieces)
  • Flattened chipboard (such as cereal, tissue or shoe boxes)

See this flyer for a complete list​.

Item preparation leads to successful recycling – to ensure that your recyclables can be recycled after collection, please follow the following preparation tips:

​Rinse items free of food residue. ​Do not include plastic bags of any kind with your recyclables (such as plastic grocery bags or garbage bags).  You can recycle plastic grocery bags at participating grocery and retail stores.
​Leave lids on containers. ​Paper and plastic plates, cups, utensils, paper towels, paper napkins, and bath tissue cannot be recycled.
​Flatten boxes. ​Paper coated with wax, foil, or food cannot be recycled.
​Remove any non-paper packing material (such as foam packing peanuts, plastic, etc.). ​Glass light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, drinking glasses, bakeware, window, and auto glass cannot be recycled curbside.
​Place all recyclables directly into the cart – you do not need to separate the items by type.
​Place extra recyclables that don’t fit in the cart in recyclable boxes or paper bags.

The Village cooperates with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County to provide specialty recycling and disposal programs and events, including:

  • Sharps, prescription and over-the-counter drugs (excluding controlled substances) collected the first Friday of each month at Village Hall.
  • Household fluorescent lights (no tubes but ​including CFL), American flags and new sample-sized toiletries are collected daily at Village Hall.
  • Periodic specialty recycling programs, such as residential document destruction, household electronics recycling, hosted by Glenview and/or nearby communities.

For additional information about these programs and more, please visit the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County’s website.

​Hazardous waste

​Hazardous wastes of any kind cannot be set out for curbside collection with your weekly garbage and recycling.  Hazardous wastes must be disposed of through a licensed waste disposal company.

Examples of hazardous wastes include oil-based paints, sludge, and chemicals.  Latex paint is not considered hazardous waste, and it can be disposed with your regular weekly garbage collection.  Simply dry out any remaining paint by opening the can in a well-ventilated area, and add shredded newspapers, kitty litter, or sawdust to the can.  Once the paint has dried out, put the container in your regular garbage with the lid off, so the garbage hauler knows the can is empty.

For more information on disposal options and household chemical waste disposal centers, visit Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County’s website.

Multifamily opt-in collection program

Multifamily residential properties with three or more attached units (such as townhomes) can voluntarily opt-in to the Village’s residential garbage and recycling contract, and receive the same rates charged to residents under the Village’s contract.

To opt in, properties must:

  • Be able to have curbside collection for each individual unit;
  • Have participation from all households within the multifamily development;
  • Apply to the Village to participate in the program; and
  • Pay the Village for Village refuse and recycling carts.

Participation in the multifamily collection program is optional, but may provide benefits to your development or homeowners association, including:

  • Economies of scale. The Village’s contract incorporates 11,500 housing units, which helps keep costs down.
  • A fixed cap on cost increases, as the Village negotiates multi-year contracts.
  • The possibility of lower costs, depending on your current refuse and recycling fees.
  • High-quality carts with lids and wheels for ease of handling.
  • A cleaner Village.  All of Groot’s trucks that provide service to Glenview run on compressed natural gas, which create 80 percent less pollution and make only a fraction of the noise of a standard diesel truck.

For more information, please review the multifamily collection program brochure or contact the Public Works Department at (847) 657-3030. To apply, please complete an application form and return it to the Village. ​​​