The Village of Glenview


You're Part of a Vibrant, Thriving Community


ComEd and Village of Glenview communications regarding ComEd's electrical distribution system.

Garbage & Recycling Collection

Image of a garbage truck.

Detailed information on solid waste regulations and rates

Landscape Waste

Image of a filled landscape garbage bag.

Information for disposing of mown grass, leaves and brush

New to Town?

Image of a village street with homes.

Information on the utilities you'll need to contact when moving to Glenview.

Prevent frozen pipes

Image of icicles.

Follow these tips to prevent water pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Senior Services

 Image of a streetscape scene.

Our coordinator provides information and specialized services for older adults and their families.

Skunk Removal Assistance Program

Learn how to get a rebate for eligible skunk removal expenses


 Image of a tax bill.

Here's an overview of the taxes paid by Glenview residents.

Tree – Maintenance

 Image of a trees in a park.

Information about parkway tree planting, removal, trimming and preservation.

Tree – Parkway Tree Planting

 Image of a foresters working around a tree.

Residents can choose the types of trees to be planted on the parkways in front of their properties.

Voter Registration

 Image of an American flag.

Information about how to register and vote on Election Day.