The Village of Glenview

Image of a village street with homes.

New to Town?

We'll help get your household set up

​Welcome to Glenview! You've chosen to live in one of the finest residential communities on Chicago's North Shore.

Our Resolution Center can answer your questions. Call (847) 724-1700. You can also check out "everything Glenview" in our Resident Handbook.

Here's some basic guidance in getting your household set up.  The Village of Glenview does not list Internet or mobile telephone providers:

Electric service

Contact ComEd to set up your electric service.

Gas service

Contact Nicor to set up natural gas service.

Garbage/recycling/landscape waste service

The Village of Glenview contracts with Groot Industries to provide these services for single-family detached homes, dwellings with two or less units attached and participating multifamily buildings in incorporated Glenview. Contact Groot to set up an account.

Here's more information on garbage and recycling collection and landscape waste service.

If you live in unincorporated Cook County just outside Glenview, contact your township (Northfield, New Trier, Maine or Niles) for further information.

Water/sewer service

Contact the Resolution Center at (847) 724-3112 to set up a water and/or sewer account and to ensure that a final water read has already been scheduled by the previous owner/renter.

Here's more information on this service.

Cable/satellite television service

The Village of Glenview has franchise agreements with three television service providers. Contact them to set up accounts.

The Federal Communications Commission sets rules for satellite "dish" antennas that are one meter or less in diameter.  Homeowner associations within Glenview may set limits for individual subdivisions. 

Internet service assistance

Affordable internet service at $9.95/month -- including a wireless router -- may be available to qualifying families that:

  • have at least one K-12 student who is enrolled in a hot lunch program
  • have at least one community college student who is on a Pell grant
  • lives in public housing, including a vouchered unit

This website has more information.