The Village of Glenview

Police Citations

​If you have received a citation from the Police Department, you have three options:

  • Mail the citation and payment (check) to the address listed on the ticket, paying the appropriate postage
  • Pay online thro​ugh E-Pay
  • Bring the citation and payment (cash, check or credit card) to Public Safety Support Services, 2500 East Lake Avenue, during normal business hours
  • Bring the ticket and payment (check) to Public Safety Support Service's after-hours payment box in the department's lobby at 2500 East Lake Avenue. (If you drop off a ticket and payment after hours, the department will count it as having been paid on the day you dropped it off.  For example, if you drop the ticket and payment off on Friday night, the department will remove it from the box on Monday morning and count it as having been paid on Friday.)

If you would like to challenge a ticket, come to Public Safety Support Services to make arrangements to do so. Depending on the type of citation, you will either be assigned to appear at an Administrative Adjudication hearing or a Cook County Circuit Court hearing. If you do not pay a citation by the date it is due, you will receive notice by mail that you have been assigned to appear at an Administrative Adjudication hearing.

If you believe that a ticket should be non-suited because you paid for a parking space or you received permission to park from the department, come to Public Safety Support Services to request that it be non-suited.

Administrative Adjudication

Individuals who want to challenge parking, inappropriate conduct and some animal related citations can do so in front of the Village's administrative law judge at Village Hall, 2500 East Lake Avenue, rather than travel to the Cook County Courthouse in Skokie or wait through long court calls. Read more about the process here.