The Village of Glenview

Snow & Ice Control

​Snow plowing and salting operations

Salting operations are initiated upon the onset of hazardous conditions. The salting of Village arterial and collector roads is done on a priority basis depending on traffic volume and safety considerations. Salting of each neighborhood intersection is not done on a routine basis unless a general condition of icing is present.
Plowing operations are initiated after 1 to 2 inches of snow have fallen or as conditions warrant. Depending on weather conditions and information from the Village's weather forecasting service, snow/ice removal operations may begin sooner. The Public Works Department strives to respond with salting and/or plowing before roads become slippery for vehicle travel. For an average snow event, the Public Works Department will complete a plowing operation in 5 to 6 hours. 

To see a list of roads the Village is responsible for plowing and maintaining, please visit the Street & Sidewalk Maintenance​ page.
Plow damage is repaired in the spring with dirt and seed. The Village does not clear snow at the end of driveways. Please see more information below under FAQs.


My yard was damaged by Village snowplows,  who will repair it?

Call Public Works at (847) 657-3030, with your request for service. The Public Works Department will fill out a work order and place you on a list for spring/summer time restorations.  The Village is not responsible for damage to sprinkler heads in the parkway.

My mailbox was knocked down by village snowplows, who fixes it?

If the Village was responsible for mailbox damage, call Public Works at (847) 657-3030 to submit a service request. Mailboxes damaged by direct contact by a plow will be replaced with a standard mailbox and 4"x4" post.  If a decorative mailbox is damaged, the Village will reimburse the resident for the equivalent of a standard mailbox installation, approximately $35.  It will be the responsibility of the resident to purchase and install the decorative mailbox and post. The Village does not replace mailboxes damaged by contact from thrown snow from plowing operations.

Why does the Village have an overnight parking ban on all streets?

From December 1 through March 31, the overnight parking ban is in effect from 2 to 6 a.m. each morning. The parking ban allows Village crews to more completely remove snow without obstruction from vehicles on the roadway.  Even when it is not snowing, the Village often has to complete clean-up work on corners and intersections.  The parking ban helps the Village keep roads safe for all residents and motorists.  Residents needing a temporary exception from the parking ban may apply to the Police Department for a special permit.

Why does the plow push snow into my driveway?

The Village is responsible for clearing streets of snow and ice to allow for emergency access, vehicular traffic and daytime parking.  The Village clears the street from curb to curb to ensure that emergency vehicles and all traffic can move safely. As the Village trucks pass driveways, some snow rolls off the edge of the side-discharge plow and into the driveway, particularly if the driveway has already been cleared.  There are ways for you to minimize this problem.  When shoveling out the portion of your driveway closest to the street, push the snow to the right (as you face the street) so that it will be "downstream" when the plow comes by.  Please be aware that in a very heavy snow or during storms where snow continues to fall, plows may make as many as three of four passes to clear the roadways.  Cul-de-sacs are particularly difficult to plow during snow removal operations.  The Village has 290 cul-de-sacs that are plowed after each snow event. Smaller trucks are used to negotiate turns on these streets.

Cul-de-sacs are cleared just as the street is with the driver plowing in a counter-clockwise circle from the inside to the outside.  As with driveways on streets, it is inevitable that some snow will come off the plow. Try to wait until the cul-de-sac has been plowed before clearing your driveway.  When you do shovel, push snow to the right side of the driveway to keep it from being pushed back into the area just cleared.

Plowing snow from the outside of the cul-de-sac to the middle does not work.  Using this approach, the driver would eventually run out of room to pile the snow.  Also, plowing driveways to the middle of the island is possible but would require too much time and risk damage to private drive and property.  Fire hydrants are located in many cul-de-sac islands; for fire safety, these cannot be buried by plowed snow.

May I push snow from my driveway into the street?

No, this is prohibited by Village ordinance. Residents may be held liable for any accidents caused by shoveling snow into the roadway.