The Village of Glenview

Stormwater Task Force

​Created in response to the storms and flooding of September, 2008, the Resident Stormwater Task Force is charged with identifying local storm water projects with cost estimates and revenue sources. Use this page to find out more about Task Force activities and progress, as well as ways you can provide feedback.


Bill Anderson • Judy Beck • Gary Bower • Sima Browne • Peggy Chambers • Mark Demsky • Mike Giannini • Susan Johns • Michaelene Lewand • Eric Means • Bob Rounsfull • Paul Ryan • Katie Siegel • Tim Spillane • Peter Stettler • Phil West

Task force goals

  • Submitting short and long-term implementation plans to the Board throughout the course of the year.
  • Updating the East of Harms sanitary surcharging study and implementation plans.
  • Continuing the Techny Basin Expansion Study to provide to MWRD.
  • Completing the overflow study of the Colfax sanitary sewer in the Park Manor neighborhood.
  • Reviewing stormwater management requirements for development.
  • Working with MWRD on its regional watershed study and supporting projects benefitting all Glenview watersheds.
  • Reviewing other long-term flood reduction opportunities.

Flood risk reduction program master plan

In 2010, the Village of Glenview approved a Flood Risk Reduction Program Master Plan to help guide Village staff, the taskforce and project contributors on flood related issues.

Flood risk reduction program homeowner cost-sharing initiatives

The Flood Risk Reduction Program identifies two cost-sharing initiatives to help homeowners reduce the likelihood of flooding.   Funds will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Overhead sanitary sewer conversions

Homes with gravity sanitary sewer systems are susceptible to sewage back-up; converting to an overhead system can greatly reduce this risk. Through this cost-sharing initiative, the Village and the homeowner will each pay 50 percent of the cost of this conversion -- up to a total project cost of $15,000 (that means that the Village will pay up to $7,500 of the cost). Below are links to additional information and application materials.

Local drainage inspections

Local drainage inspection are conducted by the Villages' consulting engineering firm Baxter & Woodman. This inspection should provide homeowners with a better understanding of the work, costs and steps involved in flood-proofing their homes. Through this cost-sharing initiative, the Village and the homeowner will each pay 50 percent of the $800 cost of this inspection (that means that the Village will pay $400). In addition, the Village will waive up to $200 in permit fees should the homeowner undertake the recommended improvements.

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