The Village of Glenview

Stormwater Master Plan

Glenview Stormwater Master Plan Update


The Glenview Stormwater Master Plan will be used to assess current stormwater conditions in the Village and identify and prioritize future projects to address flooding issues.

The Master Plan will use a multi-faceted approach that includes the following:

  • Input from residents currently experiencing flooding issues
  • A review of current and potential ordnances and policies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling that incorporates constructed projects and changes in rainfall patterns
  • Identification and prioritization of potential flood reduction projects

Public Input

Public input is an essential part of the Master Planning process. Areas of flooding
identified by residents will be incorporated into the assessment of model results.

An online survey is available to provide your input:           

                Resident Drainage Survey

Stormwater Master Plan History

Widespread flooding across the Village during the storm events of 2008 led to the Village's first comprehensive stormwater study, the Flood Risk Reduction Program (FRRP) that was published in 2010.

The FRRP created a tiered approach for identifying flood prone areas and prioritizing projects to address major flooding issues. The Village has incorporated stormwater improvements into Capital Improvement Program (CIP) infrastructure projects, obtained grants from state and federal agencies, and used Village funds to implement projects identified by the FRRP.  

Stormwater Master Plan Goals

The current Stormwater Master Plan seeks to achieve several goals to help guide the Village's stormwater improvements in the coming years.

  1. Develop a comprehensive stormwater model
  2. Incorporate stormwater improvements and updated rainfall into the model
  3. Develop updated inundation maps for intense rainfalls
  4. Investigate current drainage issues
  5. Recommend improvements to mitigate current issues
  6. Perform cost-benefit analysis to prioritize projects ​​


Summer 2023                                       Project Kick-Off

October 2023                                       Master Plan Open House

Fall 2023 to Spring 2024               Resident Drainage Survey open

Fall 2023 to Fall 2024                     Stormwater modeling and assessment of potential projects

Late 2024                                                Final Stormwater Master Plan published

2025 and beyond                               Implementation of Stormwater Master Plan



Provide Input:                                      Resident Drainage Survey

Additional Questions:                     Email