The Village of Glenview

Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

The Village of Glenview maintains more than 133 miles of roadway and 167 miles of sidewalk. The Streets Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for pothole patching, sign maintenance, street sweeping, snow plowing and sidewalk repair and maintenance.

Patching and paving

The Streets Division is responsible for pothole patching and sign maintenance. Major street improvements, which are prioritized after evaluation of all paved roads, are planned in cooperation with the Community Development Department and are performed by private contractors overseen by the Village. 

Street sweeping

Curbed streets are swept on a rotating basis. The current time between sweeping cycles is approximately four to eight weeks, depending on the time of year. Sweeping frequency is greater in the spring and fall.  No street sweeping is done in winter or whenever the temperature drops below freezing.

Sidewalk repair and replacement

Replacement of deteriorated public sidewalks is funded 100 percent by the Village. The program is implemented on an area-by-area basis annually and only those sidewalks within that area are eligible for replacement in that year based upon available funding for the year.  Exceptions are made for areas of sidewalk elsewhere in the Village deemed hazardous by the Public Works Department.


Who is responsible for maintaining streets in Glenview?

How can the potholes on my street be fixed?

Call the Public Works Department at (847) 657-3030 to make a service request if the pothole is on a Village-maintained road.  If the pothole is on a road maintained by IDOT or Cook County, contact that agency. 

When will my street be swept?

Curbed streets are swept on a rotating basis.  The current time between sweeping cycles is approximately four to eight weeks, depending on the time of year, rainfall, etc.  Street sweeping cannot be done when temperatures drop below freezing.

How can I have a dead animal on the street picked up?

If you are in incorporated Glenview and you have an animal on the parkway or on a Village-maintained street, call Public Works at (847) 657-3030 to request a pick up.  If you are in unincorporated Glenview, call your township:

  • Northfield Township at (847) 724-8300
  • Maine Township at (847) 297-2501
  • New Trier Township at (847) 446-8202
  • Niles Township at (847) 673-9300