The Village of Glenview

 Image of a tax bill.


The Village levies a number of different types of taxes, which enable it to fund many of its public services -- including police and fire protection, road repair and maintenance, enforcement of health and safety regulations that protect residents and businesses and much more. Here's an overview of the taxes residents and businesses may pay in incorporated Glenview.

Sales Tax​

The sales tax you pay at the register totals 9.75 percent -- and it is actually made up of four separate taxes. These include:

  • A State Retail Tax of 6.25 percent (of which 1 percent is distributed to the Village).
  • A Cook County Tax of 1.75 percent.
  • A Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Tax of 1 percent.
  • A Home Rule Sales Tax (HRST), levied by the Village itself, of 0.75 percent.

Check out the Illinois Department of Revenue website for more information or use itsTax Rate Finder. To receive the department's assistance by phone, call (800) 732-8866 or (217) 782-3336 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The TDD number is (800) 544-5304.

Property Tax

In general, the property tax you pay is related to the value of the property you own (whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial). If you take a look at your property tax bill, you’ll see that you pay different amounts to different taxing districts (including your school districts, the Village, your local community college and more.) For the 2018 tax year (collected in 2019), approximately 6.2 percent of your total property tax bill went to the Village and the remainder to other taxing jurisdictions. The Village does not determine the tax for each property. Instead, it sets a total property tax levy. The Village’s final extended 2018 levy was $20,889,249. Cook County then determines how much each property must be taxed in order to meet that levy.

Learn more about where you tax dollars go using the Community Portal. Click here, then enter your address for a chart that breaks down your property tax bill.

Here's how you can find out more about property taxes and how they are calculated:

For your convenience, the Village has assembled a brochure, "Understanding Your Property Tax Bill," that further describes how your property tax is calculated.

 Tax Rates

​2017 Property Tax​Per $100 of Equalized Assessed Value
​Village Government (including bonds and interest)​0.2300
​Fire Pension​0.1640
​Police Pension​0.1001
​Glenview Public Library​0.3355

Other Taxes

There are other types of taxes some Glenview residents or businesses may pay. These include:

  • Hotel/Motel Taxes -- Six percent of the gross room rate exclusive of meals, beverages and other services.
  • Local Motor Fuel Tax -- This tax of 4 cents per gallon of gasoline helps fund the repair and maintenance of more than 133 miles of Village streets.
  • State Motor Fuel Tax -- The Village receives a portion of this tax of 38​ cents per gallon of gasoline.
  • Utility Taxes -- The Village receives a portion of the taxes you pay on your electric, telephone and natural gas use.