The Village of Glenview

Traffic & Parking

The Police Department's Patrol and Traffic divisions watch for speeding and other traffic safety violations. To report a violation in progress, call the department at (847) 729-5000. The divisions also conduct selective speeding enforcement. To request such enforcement or placement of the department's speed monitoring cart for your area, call the department at (847) 729-5000 and request to speak to the Traffic Unit or completed this web form​.

 Follow this link for information about pedestrian safety

​Disabled parking

The department has temporary disabled parking permits available for residents with temporary disabilities lasting at least three months. If you believe you qualify for a permit, print out and submit the application below and medical certification to the department. Temporary permits are valid for three months from the date of issuance, and holders must return them to the department when they expire.

Overnight parking ban

By ordinance, overnight parking is prohibited on all public streets in the Village between 2  a.m. and 6 a.m. from December 1 through March 31.  This regulation is necessary for snow plowing and public safety activities.  If your household has no available off-street parking, the department may offer you an on-street-parking permit if you complete this annual parking request web form or complete and submit this printable parking request web form.

Overweight truck permits

The Village uses Oxcart Permit Systems for all over-dimension and overweight truck permitting. Click here to create an account and submit permit applications.

Traffic Committee

In addition to the department's Traffic Division, the Village has a Traffic Committee, which is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals representing the Village's Community Development, Fire, Police and Public Works departments and the Village Manager's Office. The committee meets regularly to review requests and inquiries relating to traffic, including requests to install traffic control devices (such as stop signs).  The committee's recommendations are based on law and professional traffic engineering standards.

Submit your traffic request or inquiry to the committee in a letter or email, providing as much detail as you can.  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number on the correspondence.

  • Email Zhanna Badasyan, Assistant to the Village Manager, at​ or,​
  • Mail to: Traffic Committee, Village Manager's Office, 2500 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026, or​
  • Fax to (847) 724-1518.

Traffic studies

Professional and local standards

Curbing speed​

The Village is attempting to curb speeding using three "Es": Education, Enforcement, and Engineering.  The program is aimed at educating residents and drivers about the consequences of speeding; enforcing traffic ordinances, especially in areas where speeding is reported; and engineering roadways to slow traffic in areas where speeding cannot be reduced by other means.


The Village wants to make drivers aware that the speed limit in our residential neighborhoods is 20 mph and encourage residents to help spread this message. Doing these things will show drivers that residents are united in their concern about speeding:

  • Residents can help educate drivers about the residential speed limit by: 
  • Reducing their own driving speed
  • Asking friends and neighbors to reduce their driving speeds
  • Posting “It’s our town… Please slow down” yard signs in front of their homes (The Village supplies yard signs on request by calling (847) 904-4304).

Does a stop sign impact speeding? There's no evidence it does, according to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Read more here on stop signs.

Residents can help spread the word about the consequences of speeding, warning others about the danger it poses to pedestrians and the punishments it can bring.  Punishments for speeding become more severe as speeds increase:

  • $75 to $500 fine
  • Mandatory court appearance
  • License suspension
  • Misdemeanor charge  


Village officers enforce traffic ordinances in all of our neighborhoods, but they can do selective enforcement in areas where residents report speeding.  In these areas, officers will do patrols more frequently and monitor drivers’ speeds for greater lengths of time.


If speeding continues after a period of selective enforcement, the Village may propose an engineering solution.  This could include some physical modification of a roadway.  Area residents would be asked to approve the modification.