The Village of Glenview

6/29/2020 11:55 AM

​Garbage collection, reverse parade, bell ringing, safety and more

AmericanFlag6/29/2020 11:55 AM
6/29/2020 11:35 AM

Phone service is scheduled to be interrupted briefly Tuesday, June 30​, for improvements

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6/29/2020 11:18 AM

​Annual Glen Census helps Village calculate "make-whole" payments

GTCSailor6/29/2020 11:18 AM
6/29/2020 10:51 AM

​What can and cannot reopen

Coronavirus6/29/2020 10:51 AM
6/19/2020 5:15 PM

​The meeting will be available for viewing online, on GVTV and Zoom, and a public comment process has been set up

Village Circle Logo6/19/2020 5:14 PM
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