The Village of Glenview

Water Quality Reports

The Village of Glenview is required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to publish annually a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report. The report summarizes the quality of the water that was provided in the past year, including details about where the water comes from, what it contains, how it compares to current standards and who to contact with questions.

Click on the appropriate link below to review the annual Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report for the Village of Glenview from past year. The most recent annual report is posted by July 1 of the following year.

Information about lead in water

The Village of Glenview purchases treated Lake Michigan water from the Village of Wilmette. Wilmette adds polyphosphates to the water to coat water mains, services and fixtures. As long as the coating is in place, it prevents lead from leaching into water. The Village of Glenview does not have any public water main lines that are made of lead, and the Village of Glenview's water supply meets all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Illinois state drinking water standards. 

Older homes constructed prior to 1959 may have lead water service lines owned by the property owner. A service line carries the water from the water main in the street to the water meter in the home. Also, copper water lines within homes constructed before 1987 may have solder that contained lead. Until 2014 plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, also may have contained lead.

If concerned, there are some actions that could be taken by a homeowner:  

  1. A licensed plumber can help determine if either the service line or plumbing in your home contains lead.
  2. A sample of the water from your home can be tested by a company. Provided for convenience only, below are two companies that can send out sample kits and perform tests. The Village does not endorse or recommend any company.

The Village has required copper service lines in homes since the late 1950s. The Village has been replacing the public portion of lead service lines (from the main to the shut-off valve) during water main replacement projects since the mid-1990s. Since 1990 when a home was torn down and reconstructed, the Village has required replacement of lead service lines with copper, and since 1995 when a home was remodeled.

The Village is required by state law to notify customers whenever water main, water service lines or water meters are repaired or replaced of the possibility the work performed could result in the disturbance of sediment possibly containing lead that could get into the water. A notice stating this is hung on doors at the time of a water disconnect.

To learn more about lead and what's in water, visit the American Water Works Association's DrinkTap website.

Contact the Village of Glenview with any questions at (847) 657-3030.