The Village of Glenview

a water tower

Water & Sanitary Sewer

Managing the water supply

Cross Connection Control

How to keep Glenview's drinking water free from impurities and health hazards.

Draft Water System Strategic Plan

The Water System Strategic Plan is a thorough review of the entire water system facilities and operations.


Information on rainfall amounts and water levels can be found here.

Stormwater Task Force

Work on the road map that prioritizes flood control and sewer backup elimination projects.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

Information about maintenance of water and sanitary service laterals.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Rates

Current water and sanitary sewer rates for Glenview customers.

Water Information

Information about the Lake Michigan water flowing through Glenview taps.

Water Quality Reports

The Village is required annually to produce a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report.

Your Water Bill

Information for new resident service, payments and charges and fees.