The Village of Glenview

Water & Sanitary Sewer Rates

The Village charges Glenview water and sanitary sewer customers to cover the cost of buying Lake Michigan water from Wilmette and fund ongoing maintenance and infrastructure improvements associated with the systems' operation.

Quarterly utility bills consist of two types of charges for both water and sanitary sewer service:

  • A fixed rate that helps to stabilize the funding of the water and sewer systems.
  • A consumption rate that is charged on every 1,000 gallons used by each customer.

Rates are reviewed annually to make sure they cover the costs to provide water and other system-related costs, including the cost to Glenview to purchase Lake Michigan water from Wilmette. Because Glenview in 2020 began supplying water to Aqua Illinois for its primarily unincorporated Cook County customers,  the  Village is getting a volume discount of 5 percent of​ its purchase price in 2021, Water purchase accounts for 24 percent of the total 2021 Water Fund expenses.. Additionally, just over $5.1 million in water and sewer infrastructure maintenance and improvements are scheduled in 2021.

Based on the recommendations of a consultant hired in 2017 to study the Village's overall water rate structure, it was determined that more of the total revenue should be recovered from the fixed component. The shift is based on the fact that the majority of the costs of maintaining the water system and distributing water to all customers remains constant, regardless of how much water each property uses. Increasing the fixed component will result in the same amount of total revenue as the consumption revenue component will be offset.

For bills issued after January 1, 2021, fixed charges and consumption fees were adjusted as follows:

Glenview rates

Glenview water and sanitary sewer consumption charge per 1,000 gallons

​2021 Rate​2020 Rate
​Incorporated Water​$7.08
​Incorporated ​Sewer​$1.44

 2021 q​uarterly fixed fee

​Meter Size​Water​Sewer
​.625" and .75"S​$22.51