The Village of Glenview

Think spring and building permits

Permit fee discounts through February 28

The Village is offering a 25-percent discount on certain types of permit fees from January 2 to February 28, 2019. By submitting plans to the Development Center during the winter, when home improvement activity is usually slower, permits can be issued faster and residents can avoid the delays that may occur during the busier spring and summer months.​

Many home improvement and commercial projects require a building permit before they can commence. Property alterations -- such as adding a room, finishing a basement, building a deck or replacing a roof -- and converting or replacing utilities regulated by the Village Building Code must first be reviewed and the required permit obtained.

To make the process easier, applying for and completing all permitting steps for all building permit types can be done online here.

Once the application has been filed, applicants will receive an application number. With that number epermits allows permit customers to:

  • Check review status
  • Look up plan review comments
  • Pay permit fees
  • Check inspection status and results

Building permits give the homeowner, their insurance company, their neighbors and the Village of Glenview assurance that specific minimum standards are met in constructing, repairing or altering a resident or business in compliance with the Glenview Municipal Code. These standards are intended to protect the integrity of the structures and everyone's safety.

Learn more here about which work does or does not require a permit.

For more information, call the Community Development Department at (847) 904-4340.