The Village of Glenview

Water Meter Replacement

​The Village of Glenview has replaced the 16,000 residential and commercial water meters within Glenview with new automated meters. Besides replacing aging units, the new meters will allow the Village to implement an automated meter reading process that will provide better customer service, greater data accuracy and reduced operational costs. 

The new meters will automatically transmit readings wirelessly. This way, the Village can be  more efficient and reduce water system costs by preventing manual device recording errors and eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading altogether.

Between September 2015 and summer 2016, Glenview water customers were contacted to set up an appointment to receive a new water meter. The Village awarded a contract to Siemens Industries to perform this meter update. Siemens needed access to each home and business in Glenview to replace the meter, and worked with each household to arrange a convenient appointment to complete this task.

Note: Even if you had a water meter installed between 2012 and 2015 by the Village, that meter was part of the replacement project.

About the Sensus iPerl Meter and AMI System

 After an RFP process and assessment of water meter manufacturers and products, the Village chose to continue installation of the Sensus iPerl meter due to their long standing track record of performance, resiliency and accuracy.  The Village has utilized Sensus meters for 30+ years, and in the last three years approximately 1,500 Sensus iPerl meters have been installed in the Village with no major issues. The following links provide more information about the technology, experience and safe guards of the selected Sensus iPerl Meter and AMI System:

More information

Reference the documents or video link below, or contact us at with additional questions.

Contact information

  • Siemens: (866) 623-0784
  • Village of Glenview Water Utility Billing: (847) 724-3112


 The Village Board of Trustees on March 17, 2015 approved the water meter replacement program (Staff Report), hired Siemens Industries to manage the project and arranged for financing.

On September 1, 2015, the Village Board of Trustees amended the master contract with Siemens Industries, HD Supply Waterworks Ltd., and Sensus USA Inc. to provide water meters with the latest technology and an extended warranty on the meters (Staff Report).

The Village has partnered with the villages of Buffalo Grove and Palatine to hire the contractor, which provides savings on both labor and materials.  It will take about 14 months to complete the water meter system replacement.