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Environmental Sustainability Awards

Nominations sought

​Environmental sustainability is about the future. Adopting practices like preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving energy, reducing emissions to air and water, and boosting recycling are to be celebrated at a time when providing better, cleaner tomorrows is a priority.

Because the Village of Glenview wants to recognize organizations in Glenview that are taking the lead with environmental stewardship, innovative best practices and community outreach, the Village's Natural Resources Commission sponsors an environmental sustainability awards program. Nominees can be any organization, including businesses, schools, houses of worship and volunteer groups, that serve the Glenview community.

Nominees can be considered in one of these categories:

  • Innovation – How a new practice has improved sustainability and is a departure from the current practice. Examples of this are, but not limited to, new uses of recycled or reused materials, energy or material-efficient techniques or other more sustainable departures from previous practices.
  • Leadership – How the organization has demonstrated that its practices are above and beyond common practices for its peers and how others were influenced. Examples of this are, but not limited to, mentorship of other organizations, participation in associations that have made changes or influenced members and going beyond the requirement of environmental regulations.
  • Education and Outreach – Action(s) an organization has taken to influence its employees, members, customers or other stakeholders to improve sustainable practices. Examples of this are, but not limited to, community outreach or educational events.

To nominate itself or be nominated by another, an organization should have completed the activities and achieved results that support the nomination within the past 12 months. Nominators will need to provide a narrative piece describing the experience, rationale for taking action, successes and environmental results or changes in practices generated or influenced.

Click here for a fillable nomination form

Applications must be submitted by email to by November 1, 2021. They'll be reviewed and selected by the Natural Resources Commission Awards Committee, with recognition by the Village Board of Trustees​.​

Meeting the sustainable energy challenges of the 21st Century starts at home, in the workplace and in our schools. Success stories, if replicated, can positively effect our future. So let's start by recognizing the good environmental stewards in our community.

2020 Environmental Sustainability Award winners (View the PowerPoint)

Inno​vation -- Gold -- Blue Star Recyclers

Founded in 2009, the nonprofit social enterprise’s mission of recycling electronics also creates jobs for people with disabilities. Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic would curtail traditional ways to source materials, the firm worked with the Glenview Sunrise Rotary Club’s Suzanne Lyhus to launch a new electronics recycling program with at-home pickup service using a smaller, fuel-efficient van. Since spring, six Rotary clubs in the northwest suburbs have participated, with each promoting and managing the drives in their respective communities. In this way, residents are able to recycle e-waste as soon as they are ready.

Innovation -- Silver -- Wiseacre Farms

Glenview’s first hydroponic farm was founded by long-time resident Aviad Sheinfeld. The farm is a repurposed shipping container fitted with specialized equipment where greens are grown vertically with no soil. They instead receive a nutrient solution, water and LED lighting. Instead of coming from across the country, fresh, sustainably-grown greens are delivered locally to community me​mbers, neighbors and – given the COVID-19 pandemic – those in need. This method shortens the food supply chain, drastically cuts carbon emissions, and uses 98 percent less water than traditional agriculture.

Innovation -- Bronze -- Glenshore Condominiums

Water retention swales west of the two 15-year-old condominium buildings at 2300 and 2350 Chestnut Avenue are next to Gallery Park’s environmentally significant area. Working with the Village’s Natural Resources Manager, the condo residents installed a variety of plant species native to Cook County in one of the swales and took stewardship by controlling invasive species, weeding by hand and doing controlled mowing/burning to establish prairie plants. Inspired by their success, the residents also increased recycling pickups and cleaned out the building’s bike room to make it more convenient to use surrounding bike paths.

Leadership -- Gold -- Trés Mimi

The Glenview-based women’s apparel retailer is committed to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a streamlined supply chain focused on sustainable and organic fabrics. Innovations employed include: adhering to stricter standards for cottons, fabrics and dyes; combing fabrics and dyes to avoid separate dye bath; using recycled plastics for buttons; and using 100-percent biodegradable, tight-fitting shipping bags.   

Education and Outreach -- Gold -- New to You

The motto for the more than 75-year-old charitable resale shop, located in the lower level of Glenview Community Church, is “Rethink, Repurpose, Restore.” By selling gently-used items – some designer brands – the shop helps prevent the excess use of energy and materials it takes to create brand new things. Yarn, buttons, fabric scraps, dishes, jewelry and linens find new homes instead of ending up in the landfill. The shop also takes its message to high school and college students, such as setting up a booth at the Glenbrook South High School Holiday Bazaar; expands its reach on online garage sale boards and neighborhood blogs; and maintains a weekly email list of 900. 

2019 Environmental Sustainability Award winners

2018 Environmental Sustainability Award winners