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Environmental Sustainability Awards

Nominations sought

​Environmental sustainability is about the future. Adopting practices like preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving energy, reducing emissions to air and water, and boosting recycling are to be celebrated at a time when providing better, cleaner tomorrows is a priority.

Because the Village of Glenview wants to recognize organizations in Glenview that are taking the lead with environmental stewardship, innovative best practices and community outreach, the Village's Natural Resources Commission sponsors an environmental sustainability awards program. Nominees can be any organization, including businesses, schools, houses of worship and volunteer groups, that serve the Glenview community.

Nominees can be considered in one of these categories:

  • Innovation – How a new practice has improved sustainability and is a departure from the current practice. Examples of this are, but not limited to, new uses of recycled or reused materials, energy or material-efficient techniques or other more sustainable departures from previous practices.
  • Leadership – How the organization has demonstrated that its practices are above and beyond common practices for its peers and how others were influenced. Examples of this are, but not limited to, mentorship of other organizations, participation in associations that have made changes or influenced members and going beyond the requirement of environmental regulations.
  • Education and Outreach – Action(s) an organization has taken to influence its employees, members, customers or other stakeholders to improve sustainable practices. Examples of this are, but not limited to, community outreach or educational events.

To nominate itself or be nominated by another, an organization should have completed the activities and achieved results that support the nomination within the past 12 months. Nominators will need to provide a narrative piece describing the experience, rationale for taking action, successes and environmental results or changes in practices generated or influenced.

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Applications must be submitted by email to by November 1, 2022. They'll be reviewed and selected by the Environment & Natural Resources Commission Awards Committee, with recognition by the Village Board of Trustees​.​

Meeting the sustainable energy challenges of the 21st Century starts at home, in the workplace and in our schools. Success stories, if replicated, can positively effect our future. So let's start by recognizing the good environmental stewards in our community.

2021 Environmental Sustainability Award winners (View the PowerPoint)

Innovation – MFNS Tech, Inc.

MFNS Tech, Inc., is a startup company that has developed a nanotech product that can be added to foams and sponges to clean up oil spills. This product can help to treat oil contaminated waters with improved results. The founders are Glenview residents. 

ion – Intrinsic Landscaping

Intrinsic Landscaping is a Glenview based landscaping company that specializes in designing and building green roofs, walls, and other sustainable landscaping products. They have undertaken numerous projects in the Chicago area.

nnovation – Princeton Village Homeowners Association

Upon learning about the need to increase habitat for the monarch butterfly, the residents of Princeton Village started a project to repurpose an area where trees were recently removed because of disease. They planted the area with native plants that included varieties of milk weed that are key to the monarch's life cycle. 

Innovation – Ten Ninety Brewing Co.

Ten Ninety Brewing Company is a Glenview craft beer brewer that initiated a process to prevent their brewing byproducts from entering the waste stream. The brewing byproducts are sent to a farm for incorporation into feed for livestock. The brewery completes the cycle by buying the meat from the farm for the restaurant. 

Education and Outreach – Collective Resource Compost

Collective Resource Compost is a food scrap hauling company based in Evanston that has been serving residential and business customers in Glenview since 2013. They help people compost their food scraps and have diverted over 1,000 tons of food scraps in the last year and 8,000 tons since 2010. They educate people about the need to compost, how to work with their program, and do outreach in person and via zoom to teach people about composting. 

Education and Outreach – Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County

SWANCC's Recycling and Education coordinator educates people in the agency's 23 member communities on recycling information. During the pandemic, SWANCC has kept the communities educated via Zoom and in person. The organization also worked to increase the amount and types of materials that are recycled in the community.

Leadership – Friends of Downtown Glenview

The Friends of Downtown Glenview collaborated with the Friends of the Chicago River to create a new cleanup site in downtown Glenview. They worked with village staff to get the cleanup site established. 

Leadership – The Beck, Hurvis and Straus Families and the Glenview Park District

The Beck, Hurvis and Straus Families and Glenview Park District are being recognized for their work developing and supporting the Judy Beck Grant program. This year the program awarded six grants that included supporting monarch butterfly habitat, funding compost awareness, and the food forest at The Grove. Judy Beck was a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Commission.​

Leadership – Greenwise Organic Lawn Care & Landscaping

Greenwise is an organic lawncare company that practices natural lawncare. They use lower impact lawn equipment that runs on propane or electric power, which are quieter than gas powered equipment. They also have outreach activities that educate people about natural lawn care and how native plants can improve the ecosystem one yard at a time.

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