The Village of Glenview

Village Board of Trustees



Jim Patterson

(April 2021)(847)



Mary W. Cooper

(April 2023) (847) 904-4370

Chuck Gitles

(April 2023)(847)

John Hinkamp

(April 2021)(847) 486-8540

Karim Khoja

(April 2021)(847)

Deborah Karton

(April 2021)(847)

Michael Jenny

(April 2023)(847)

​About the Village Board of Trustees

The Village Board of Trustees meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in the Village Hall Board Room, 2500 East Lake Avenue, unless otherwise scheduled.

Village Board of Trustees meeting agendas dating back to 1975 

​Village Board of Trustees meeting minutes dating back to 1915

​Village Board of Trustees meeting online public attendance r​eports

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