The Village of Glenview

Appearance Process Videos

‚ÄčThe Village of Glenview has high standards when it comes to the appearance of its buildings. Since 1969, developments have been governed by an Appearance Code, overseen by the Village Board-appointed Appearance Commission.

Anything that changes the exterior appearance of a commercial or multifamily property -- even on a temporary basis -- likely requires Village approval.

The process can get complicated, so we've developed a series of videos to help guide property owners through it. View all of them or any of them as needed by clicking on each chapter link.

Table of contents

Opening (1:27)

Chapter 1 -- Introduction: Why is there an Appearance Commission? (2:12)

Chapter 2 -- Overview: What to know prior to submitting (4:26)

Chapter 3 -- Process overview: Application, Completeness Check, Building Permit Application (3:01)

Chapter 4 -- Submittal requirements: Completeness Check, Final Exhibit Submittal (3:43)

Chapter 5 -- Process details: Have the right materials in place (4:47)

Chapter 6 -- Design guidelines: Architectural Style, Landscaping, Fencing, Site Lighting, Parking Lot Layout, Signage (7:06)

Chapter 7 -- Sample submittal: A visual tour (1:21)