The Village of Glenview

Doing Business

Glenview is a Great Place to Do Business

Available Properties

View information on the current sites available in Glenview.

Commercial Inspections

Village inspections are required for building, plumbing, HVAC, electric and utility work.

Food establishments

Information for food service and temporary food service.


Talk to us about the real estate tax incentives that are offered through Cook County.

Minimum wage/Sick leave

The regulations for setting minimum wages and provided employees with sick leave in Glenview

Municipal Code

Laws that have been enacted and are enforced by the Village of Glenview can be found here.

Outdoor Dining

Once approved, outdoor dining is permitted between April 1 and November 30

Remodeling & Alterations

Navigate the regulatory and review processes to alter the inside or outside of a business.


Guidelines and regulations regarding wall, tenant, real estate and other types of signs.