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Former Hart Estate, southwest corner of Willow Road and Pfingsten Roads

An application for Rezoning, Final Site Plan Review, and Preliminary Subdivision was filed on December 24, 2020. Current information regarding case P2021-002 - 2660 Pfingsten Road - Willows Crossing Shopping Center is available at the following URL:

1850 Glenview Road, former Bess Hardware site

Appearance Commission review

The Appearance Commission voted preliminary approval June 24, 2020 of proposed architecture, signage and landscaping for the 68-unit mixed-use commercial and multifamily residential transit-oriented developing in the D-D Downtown Development District.

Village Board of Trustees review​ 

The Village Board of Trustees voted 4-2 on March 3, 2020 to give final approval to grant vacation of right-of-way, Planned Development, rezoning, final site plan review and preliminary subdivision approval for The Drake Group mix​ed-use development at 1850 Glenview Road, the former Bess Hardware site. The second consideration follows the preliminary 4-2 vote  on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Plan Commission review

​Appearance Commission review 

  • November 13, 2019 -- The Appearance Commission began its preliminary review process for the design of the architecture, landscaping, lighting and signage. Public comment was received.

Application submittal 

The Village received an application from The Drake Group, the contract purchaser, for the redevelopment of 1850 Glenview Road. the former Bess Hardware site. The proposed development would feature 72 apartment units and retail space on the first floor for a bakery.

The applicant's application materials are provided as follows:

The applicant has completed both a traffic study as well as a fiscal impact study. Both of these studies will be reviewed by the Village's consultants and their reviews as well as the original studies by the applicant will be presented to the Plan Commission.

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Preliminary site plan review update

The Drake Group, the contract purchaser of the property at 1850 Glenview Road, formerly Bess Hardware,  filed a Preliminary Site Plan Review application, which included a preliminary site plan and preliminary building elevations depicting a mixed-use building with first floor retail space and at-grade parking, and an additional four stories of apartment units. Following the applicant’s submittal, Village staff reviews the materials and relays comments in the form of a Preliminary Site Plan Review Report to the applicant that assists them in understanding what modifications to their exhibits are needed to incorporate zoning and building code requirements and to address items typically raised through the development review process.

The Preliminary Site Plan Review is the second stage in the development review process (see link). The applicant will be required to update their plans based on staff's comments prior to applying to formally applying to the Plan Commission and Appearance Commission for development approvals. Based on feedback from the applicant, formal applications and the associated exhibits are anticipated to be submitted towards the end of September, in time to be eligible for an October 22, 2019, Plan Commission meeting. Shortly after formal applications are received, this page will be updated with the developer’s application and exhibits to be reviewed by the Plan and Appearance Commissions (stage 3 in the development review process).

The Preliminary Site Plan Review (PSPR) application and exhibits submitted by The Drake Group are listed below:

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Purchase and Sale Agreement

The Board of Trustees on June 19, 2018 authorized execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for 1850 Glenview Road, and agreed to commit $1 million to provide more public parking in the downtown area. The Drake Group has proposed a 72-unit, mixed-use, partial 5-story apartment development with 89 enclosed residential parking stalls on the 0.927-acre parcel consisting of the former Bess Hardware site and a portion of land formerly owned by Metra.


The subject property is located on the northwest corner of Glenview Road and Pine Street. The site was previously occupied by a hardware store and the parking lot is presently being used as temporary downtown parking. The Village purchased the property in early 2017 to expedite and facilitate potential redevelopment in accordance with the objectives of the Downtown Revitalization Plan. Additionally, the Village obtained an adjacent parcel owned by Metra to increase the size and marketability of the site.

Downtown Revitalization Plan and Downtown Development (D-D) District Zoning

In November 2006, the Village Board of Trustees adopted the Downtown Revitalization Plan, which outlined an economic development plan that the Downtown Plan Committee overseeing the process determined to be critical to the long-term viability of the downtown.  

The property is within the Downtown Development (D-D) District, which permits greater density, height, and building area than other zoning districts. 

Consideration of a Purchase and Sale Agreement

During 2017 and early 2018, the Village’s development advisor, CBRE, marketed the property to the development community to evaluate the most appropriate product type and land use, given the regulations of the Downtown Development Code. After a thorough evaluation of the market data and the proposals received, the Village Board gave direction to staff to move forward with preparation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Drake Group for a proposed 5-story mixed use building which featured 72 apartment units and first floor retail spaces. The Purchase and Sales Agreement was considered by the Village Board June 5, 2018, and following public comment and Board consideration, the agenda item was approved June 19, 2018.


Additional information regarding the redevelopment can be found at the link below:

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