The Village of Glenview

Tree Removal Permit

All landmark trees in the Village are protected. Landmark trees are defined as trees that are 16 inches or more in diameter at breast height, which is measured 4.5 feet above the ground, and are of a high quality species, such as oaks, hickories or maples. Other trees that are a lesser quality species, such as cottonwood and box elder, must be 20 inches or more in diameter at breast height in order to be protected.

A tree removal permit issued through the Inspectional Services Division is required before any landmark tree can be removed on private property. Justification for removal must be provided.

Tree removal permits can be submitted via email to  or submitted in person at Glenview Village Hall Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please call (847) 904-4340 for more information.