Community Development

The Community Development Department contains the Planning, Ins​pectional Services and Engineering divisions and provides land development, infrastructure, and economic development services for the community.

The Department strives to create great places to live, work and play; ensure Glenview’s buildings and developments are safe; and, design, review and construct the Village’s infrastructure.

Development & Planning Review

Inspectional Services


Construction Projects

Ongoing Projects

Development Center

Licenses & Permits

Doing Business in Glenview

Comprehensive Plan

Questions about Licenses and Permits?

The Village's Development Center is your one-stop shop for more information about building permits, contractor licenses, planning, engineering, inspections and capital improvement projects.

We're located at Village Hall just inside the main entrance within the Community Development Department. Stop by and see us or give us a call at (847) 904-4330.

Starting a Business

The Village of Glenview is dedicated to developing and maintaining excellent relationships with new and existing businesses within the community. Businesses that choose to locate in Glenview are offered a wide array of incentives, have access to a talented and highly educated workforce, and maintain proximity to the City of Chicago, local expressways, commuter trains and regional and international airports.

Ready to call Glenview home to your business?

Get started by reviewing the Glenview Business Guide, and touch base with a member of our Planning Division to discuss zoning, licensing, permitting and other resources.

Planning Dept.: (847) 904-4309