Cross Connection Control

A cross connection is any real or potential connection between the water supply and a source that can contaminate or pollute that water.

When the system experiences a loss in water pressure, such as when a fire hydrant is opened or a water main breaks, a backflow can occur that causes water in the pipes to flow in the opposite direction. That's when a contaminant or pollutant could travel into drinking water.

Common cross connections include:

  • Commercial properties, from carbonated beverage machines and ice-makers, fire sprinkler systems and x-ray machines.
  • Residential properties, with lawn irrigation, fire sprinkler systems and even a common garden hose, when submerged in water.

Cross Connection Control

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires that all water systems in the state of Illinois have an effective Cross Connection Control Program.

Glenview has established such a program with the goal of protecting both the integrity of Glenview's water system and its water customers. The Village has contracted with Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI) to inspect the water supply and distribute educational materials to all water customers.

The first step in the program is to complete a comprehensive survey to determine where cross connections exist. Surveys are mailed, and completion by all water customers is requested. The survey contains a checklist of items to verify whether a backflow device is needed or has already been installed. 

The survey can be completed online at, emailed to, delivered in person to Glenview Village Hall, or returned by mail to the Worth, IL, PO BOX included in the letter. 

A backflow device can be installed inline to prevent any "bad" water from mixing with "good" water, should a backflow occur. The assemblies can be simple, such as a hose bibb vacuum breaker on a garden hose, or more complex, like a reduced pressure assembly or double check assembly.

Because it is a mechanical device, the assembly needs routine maintenance and are subject to parts wearing down or breaking. The IEPA mandates the devices be tested annually.

Installation, testing and certification of a backflow assembly may only be completed by a licensed, certified backflow prevention assembly tester.

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