Downtown Glenview Revitalization

The revitalization of Downtown Glenview was identified as a top priority during the Glenview Connect process, when the Village held a series of open houses, community meetings and events to gather input on the future of its Downtown District.

The Downtown District, the Village’s historic commercial center, is separated into two distinct zones based on character and physical location. The first is oriented north/ south on Waukegan Road and the second is oriented east-west on Glenview Road. The nexus of this “L” shaped configuration is the intersection of Waukegan and Glenview Roads.

The Waukegan Road section of the District is bound by East Lake Avenue to the north and Henley Street to the south. As a regional arterial, Waukegan Road includes wide street section and a roadway designed for efficient automobile movement. This creates a physical separation between buildings and parcels and decreases area devoted to sidewalks and pedestrian amenities.

Glenview Road, bound by Washington Street to the west and the intersection of Glenview and Waukegan to the east, is a smaller, more intimate street that allows for a compact, village-scaled street configuration. Glenview Road is bifurcated by the West Fork North Branch of the Chicago River and the METRA North Line, interrupting the continuity of the street. The characteristics of the streets are a significant driver to the difference in character and the “L” shaped configuration limits connectivity between the two zones.  

Downtown’s historic role as the Village’s commercial “heart” has eroded over the years, but its historic configuration and the will of the community to strengthen the district will create opportunities to improve Downtown’s standing a central activity hub within the Village.

On Aug. 3, 2021, the Village Board adopted the Economic Development Plan and Downtown Strategic Plan. With the Plans adopted, Village staff has been working with the Village Board to prioritize recommendations, identifying those that have potential for implementation in the short term vs. longer term and evaluate the fiscal impacts of various opportunities.

Downtown Development Code
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Explore the Strategic Plan

The Village Board adopted the Economic Development and Downtown Strategic plans in August 2021. The plans provide a roadmap for development of Glenview's commercial corridors. Click here to review the Economic Development Strategic Plan (the Downtown Strategic Plan begins on page 145).

Glenview's Downtown Development Code