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November 8, 2018


  • Gave final approval to extend the term of a final site plan review approval and zoning variations to Kohl Children's Museum, 2100 Patriot Boulevard, which would extend the permissible construction period for building additions to the museum for one year, expiring December 21, 2019.
  • Gave final approval to an official map amendment and rezoning of a vacated alley at 210 and 216 Harlem Avenue from R-1 Single-Family Residential and R-5 Single-Family Residential in order to match the existing zoning of the adjacent properties.
  • Gave final approval to a final site plan review and zoning variations for the Lynch Office Building, 1245 Waukegan Road, to allow modifications to the circulation pattern, a parking lot expansion and trash enclosure installation based on redevelopment of the adjacent former Village Hall site.
  • Ratified an emergency purchase from J.A. Johnson Paving Co. of Arlington Heights for $78,588 for emergency roadway repairs stemming from water main breaks.
  • Approved the purchase and outfitting of a Ford Explorer from Morrow Brothers Ford of Greenfield, Ill. for $30,040; and Ford F-250 components and outfitting services for $37,128 and two Ford F-350s for $100,336 from Landmark Ford of Springfield, Ill., all through the State of Illinois joint purchasing contract, for the Public Works Department.
  • Approved an amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Village of Glenview and the Glenview Park District to allow snow to be dumped in Community Park West for an additional two years until September 30, 2020, and set June 30, 2019 for the Village to request an additional one-year extension.
  • Gave final approval to amend Chapter 98 (Zoning) of the Glenview Municipal Code in response to trends relating to existing and new land use categories which: clarifies inclusion of martial arts instruction and fitness centers; would allow for on-site staff quarters for facilities/maintenance staff; allows single-family residences as a conditional use throughout the P-1 District; and permits wholesale establishments as a principal land use in the I-1 Light Industrial District.
  • Preliminarily approved an official map amendment, rezoning, final site plan review and preliminary subdivision to allow construction of a new day care facility at 1175 Milwaukee Avenue, currently a vacant lot.
  • Preliminarily approved revising the boundary of Special Service Area 81 to include 745 and 747 Glenayre Drive, which will include these properties in future repayments for the public storm sewer on their property tax bills once they've each completed construction of new single family residences on the lots and connect to the storm sewer system installed as part of the SSA.