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​January 3, 2019


  • Continued to January 15 a public hearing on and consideration of a resolution that would authorize execution of an annexation agreement for 2245 Sanders Road regarding future annexation, rezoning and development of the property into an accessory parking facility for the adjacent office uses.
  • Gave final approval to an ordinance amending Chapter 98 (Zoning) of the Glenview Municipal Code in regard to regulations governing digital changeable copy signage.
  • Authorized the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative to conduct bid auctions for electricity supply for the Village's water pumping stations, sewer lift stations, parking decks, train stations and streetlights for 2019, and authorized the Village Manager to execute power supply agreements with the lowest responsive, responsible bidders.
  • Authorized purchase of up to 3,600 tons of rock salt for the 2018-19 winter season from the State of Illinois' rock salt joint purchasing program for up to $162,180.
  • Approved a resolution to submit a letter of intent authorizing appropriation and participation in the cost-sharing program with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the North Glen Oak Acres Storm Sewer Improvement Project, which will allow the Corps to obligate $1.325 million for the project, of which $1 million will be through federal participation and $325,000 through Village participation.
  • Preliminarily granted a zoning variation for a wall sign for Café El Tapatio, 9707 N. Milwaukee Avenue, to allow a front wall sign with an area in excess of 8 percent of the façade area.
  • Preliminarily approved amending the Glenview Municipal Code (Traffic) to prohibit parking on the south side of Grove Street between the west edge of the driveway curb cut at 1827 Grove Street to the east edge of the Grove Street driveway curb cut at 1119-1129 Pine Street.