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January 15, 2019


  • Appointed former Village President Kerry Cummings to serve out the remainder of Trustee Scott Britton's term, which expires in April. The vacancy occurred after he resigned upon being elected to the County Count Board.
  • Following the results of non-binding referenda pertaining to the issues on the November 2018 election ballot, voted 4-1 to reconsider its original 2017 decision and opt into Cook County ordinances to establish a schedule for annual increases in the minimum hourly wage for covered employees and establish requirements for employers to provide all employees working more than five hours per week a minimum accrual of paid sick leave. A final vote is scheduled February 5. If given final approval, the ordinances would take effect July 1, 2019.
  • Authorized a Class A liquor license for Skipjack, 81 Waukegan Road, which allows the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises where food is served.
  • Authorized a Class B liquor license for Montira Thai, 1845 Tower Drive, which allows the sale of beer and wine for consumption on the premises where food is served.
  • Authorized execution of an annexation agreement for 2245 Sanders Road regarding future annexation, rezoning and development of the property into an accessory parking facility for the adjacent office uses.
  • Gave final approval to a zoning variation for a wall sign for Café El Tapatio, 9707 N. Milwaukee Avenue, to allow a front wall sign with an area in excess of 8 percent of the façade area.
  • Gave final approval to amending the Glenview Municipal Code to prohibit parking on the south side of Grove Street between the west edge of the driveway curb cut at 1827 Grove Street to the east edge of the Grove Street driveway curb cut at 1119-1129 Pine Street.
  • Approved an amendment to a settlement agreement for 1245 Waukegan Road relating to compensation for the closure of a previously existing access across the former Village Hall property at 1225 Waukegan Road. The amendment would increase the compensation provided to the property owner to reflect actual design and construction costs of parking lot improvements prescribed by the original agreement.
  • Amended consulting agreements relating to the Amtrak Hiawatha expansion project and amended the 2019 annual budget in the amount of $105,000, reflecting progress in the Village's opposition to a proposed Holding Track in the proposed project. Focus during the first quarter of 2019 will remain on the cooperative modeling of alternatives with the Illinois Department of Transportation and on educating and gaining support from the new Illinois administration.