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‚ÄčJune 18, 2019


  • Gave final approval to an ordinance increasing the number of Class H liquor licenses from 7 to 15, which permits a Class A or B license holder to sell packaged alcoholic liquor from the bar, and authorized the addition of a Class H liquor license to Wildfire, 1300 Patriot Boulevard.
  • Heard a presentation of the 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which the state of Illinois requires be prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and audited in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards by a firm of licensed certified public accountants.
  • Gave final approval to ordinances regarding the extension of development approvals for the Abington, 3901 Glenview Road, which would extend the permissible construction period and waive enforcement of the Municipal Code to allow construction of building additions to the existing nursing and rehabilitation facility through July 18, 2020.
  • Approved the purchase and outfitting of Fire Department personnel with uniformed from On Time Embroidery of Elk Grove for $37,425 to meet the department's standard uniform guideline that requires a professional appearance and identifies each as a member of the department.
  • Authorized a one-year contract extension from June 5, 2019 through July 5, 2020 with Gas Depot Oil Co. of Morton Grove for $442,000 to supply fuel for the Village's fleet.
  • Approved the purchase of eight vehicles for an estimated $541,601, which includes a full-size dump truck with anti-icing spray equipment and a v-box dump for salt and excavation materials; a one-ton dump body; a pick-up truck; a Ford Explorer; and four replacement police pursuit vehicles.
  • Authorized execution of an agreement for Municipal Advisor services with Piper Jaffray and Co. of Chicago for an initial term ending May 31, 2020, with fees based on a percentage of par amount of bonds sold at the closing of the bond sale.
  • Approved an intergovernmental funding agreement with Metra to receive $88,000 in funding to remove and replace doors in the downtown Metra station, 1116 Depot Street.
  • Preliminarily granted a zoning variation for a wall sign for Napleton Hyundai and Genesis, 1610 Waukegan Road, to allow installation of a front wall sign with an area of 218.75 square feet instead of a maximum allowed 171.35 square feet.
  • Preliminarily granted a zoning variation for a ground sign for The Grove, 1421 Milwaukee Avenue, to allow construction of a ground sign with a sign area of 85.5 square feet instead of the maximum allowed 20 square feet.
  • Preliminarily granted approval of a conditional use and final site plan review for Wagner Farm, 1510 Wagner Road, to allow construction of an accessory structure, educational and interpretive play features, and improved drainage, circulation and accessibility for visitors to the facilities.
  • Preliminarily granted approval of a conditional use for the Center for Applied Aesthetics, 3633 West Lake Avenue, to allow a permanent cosmetics, microblading and micropigmentation business and a specialty school offering training in the field, both of which are conditional uses in the B-2 General Business District within existing tenant spaces.
  • Preliminarily granted approval of a conditional use and final site plan review for Panera Bread, 2512 Waukegan Road, to allow construction of a building addition and drive-thru window and lane as an accessory use to an existing restaurant.
  • Preliminarily granted a Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Official Map Amendment, rezoning, planned development, final site plan review and preliminary subdivision review for Abt Electronics, 1000-1200 Milwaukee Avenue, to allow construction of a warehouse expansion, recycling center, fuel station, electronic message sign, service road and associated site improvements.
  • Preliminarily approved relocating four of eight existing two-hour parking restricted stalls along Railroad Avenue within the downtown area in order to provide greater parking convenience and create turnover for the adjacent businesses.
  • Preliminarily approved establishing 30-minute parking restrictions along Glenview Road for one space east of Pine Street and two spaces west of Church Street, in an effort to provide greater parking availability for the adjacent businesses.