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February 19, 2019


  • Approved a resolution opposing the O'Hare Airport Interim Fly Quiet Plan.
  • Gave final approval to a conditional use for the Dance and Music Academy, 4330 DiPaolo Center, to occupy an existing tenant space in the I-2 Light Industrial District.
  • Gave final approval to a conditional use, final site plan review and environmental plan for The Grove, 1421 Milwaukee Avenue, to allow modifications to the current entrance, ground sign, parking lots, wetland and stormwater detention areas and parking lot lighting.
  • Gave final approval to a comprehensive plan amendment, official map amendment, rezoning and conditional use for Canaan Church, 1225 Milwaukee Avenue, to allow the existing building to be used as a building primarily devoted to religious worship in the R-1 Residential Zoning District, and authorized execution of a development agreement regarding the long-term occupation and impact of the use of the property.
  • Authorized the purchase of a Storage Area Network from Paragon Micro of Lake Zurich for $42,285 to replace a 10-year unit that can no longer be supported.
  • Authorized an agreement with the Suburban Tree Consortium for the purchase of trees for the Village's 2019 tree planting program for $334,000.
  • Authorized a bid award to DiMeo Brothers Inc. of Elk Grove Village for a total $2,522,552 to fund about .6 miles of water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and roadway improvements on Robincrest Lane, Elmgate Drive and Linneman Street west of Shermer Road, and Henley Street west of Spruce Street.
  • Preliminarily approved an ordinance granting a planned development amendment and final site plan review for Valley Lo Towers, 1900-1920 Chestnut Avenue, to allow site plan alterations to permit the addition of various accessory structures, including sport courts, dog runs and patios.
  • Preliminarily approved annexing 2245 Sanders Road, and preliminarily approved rezoning, an official map amendment and comprehensive plan amendment. Cole of Glenview IL, LLC is seeking to rezone the property to I-1 Limited Commercial District to allow for future development and use of the property as an accessory parking facility for the adjacent office uses.