The Village of Glenview

Boards & Commissions

Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

Has the authority to discipline and decide other employment matters pertaining to sworn employees.

Commission Volunteer Form

Let us know if you're interested in serving on a Glenview board or commission.

Development Adjustments Commission

Responsible for reviewing existing development additions and modifications proposals

Environment & Natural Resources Commission

Promotes and raises awareness about the restoration of native landscapes and ecosystems.

Environmental Review Committee

Ensures developments comply with regulations for Environmentally Significant Areas.

Fire Pension Fund Board

Administers the Firefighters' Pension Fund as required by Illinois statute.

Foreign Fire Insurance Board

Find current and past meeting agendas and minutes

New Development Commission

Responsible for new development and property redevelopment proposals

Past Commission Archives

Archives for the Appearance, Historic Preservation and Plan commissions and Zoning Board of Appeals

Police Pension Fund Board

Administers a Police Pension Fund according to Illinois state statute.