The Village of Glenview

Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of three divisions: Planning; Inspectional Services; and Engineering.


The Planning Division assists with the review of proposed land uses and development projects in order to ensure compatibility with the Village's Comprehensive Plan. The division assists in implementing major planning initiatives, such as corridor and special area studies. The Planning Division processes petitions for annexations, rezonings, site plan reviews, subdivisions, aesthetics, variations, and conditional use permits, while providing excellence in service and applying innovative planning techniques to support Village residents, businesses, and commissions in navigating the regulatory review process.

Contact Tony Repp, Senior Planner, at (847) 904-4309.

Inspectional Services

The Inspectional Services Division enforces Glenview's building, health, fire, property maintenance, and zoning codes. It reviews, approves, inspects, and issues permits for all private property construction throughout the Village, and coordinates and performs inspections and follow up on violations and complaints.  To schedule or request an inspection, call (847) 904-4320. 

The Community Development Department also handles issues pertaining to public health. Call (847) 904-4340  for more information on matters such as:

  •   conducting regular inspections of restaurants, retail stores, bakeries, school cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers and temporary food services
  •   investigating citizen complaints concerning said establishments as well as rodent and insect infestations, garbage storage, weeds, debris, and other health hazards
  •   informing residents about a wide range of public health topics ranging from West Nile Virus and influenza vaccinations to visiting nurses, clinics, welfare and social organizations

For all other general inquiries call  (847) 904-4340.  The Inspectional Services Division is located at  2500 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026.


The Engineering Division is responsible for the design of the Village's Capital Improvement Projects, issuing engineering permits for private development, and management of the Village's floodplain and stormwater programs. Infrastructure improvements undertaken by the Village include public road reconstruction and resurfacing; and water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and related improvements. For information on projects currently under construction, click here.

Contact the Engineering Division at (847) 904-4340, 2500 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026.

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