The Village of Glenview

Video Partnership

​The Glenview Video Sharing partnership program is a voluntary program for residents and business owners who have private video security cameras that record public areas, such as streets, sidewalks and parking lots.  Police and Fire staff whom respond to investigations, burglaries, assaults and other crimes will request recordings by contacting the registered video partner.

Residents and business owners who register a security camera would only be contacted by the Glenview Police Department in regards to an ongoing criminal investigation.  Police personnel may ask camera owners to review or provide recorded footage related to a specific incident. This program requires the owner’s cooperation and permissions to view, download, or copy any recorded incident.

This partnership is not intended for active or live feed surveillance, nor is it intended to check on what citizens are doing in their neighborhood. Any information or recorded video provided would be housed securely as evidence.  The Glenview Police and/or Fire Department would never have remote or direct access to any private video system.  

To volunteer for the Glenview Video Sharing partnership program, please fill out the form below and press the submit button.  Or, fill out this form and return it to the Glenview Police Department attention Criminal Investigations Unit. To be removed from this program,  contact Commander Jason Saikin by email or call (847) 729-5000.

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