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Glenview Television

​Glenview Television (GVTV) is a Government Access station owned and operated by the Village of Glenview. More than 10,000 homes receive GVTV -- on Comcast or WOW cable channel 17 or 6 (depending on your neighborhood) and AT&T U-verse channel 99 PEG.

Since 1985, GVTV has been committed to providing timely and relevant programming and information to the residents of Glenview.  The station's facilities and equipment are located at Village Hall and managed by a cable coordinator.

GVTV operates a "Community Bulletin Board" which runs in between programming. The board lists agenda items of the Village Board and Commission meetings, helps publicize community events and alerts residents to important news and information. Local businesses can list job openings on the channel at no charge.

DVD copies of all programs seen on GVTV are available for a fee of $10.

The program schedule is updated weekly on this web site and is listed on the Community Bulletin Board. It is also available by contacting Glenview Television at (847) 904-4475.

Check out GVTV on YouTube​.

Program Schedule

​May 26 - June 2

​​Start timeTitle
8 a.m., 1 p.m.  and 6 p.m.
Glenview Gold Star Heroes
​9 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Real People Real Matters with Ben Orr
​10 a.m., 3 p.m., and 8 p.m.
Canoe Trip
​11 a.m.
Illinois Channel
​5 p.m.
Classic GVTV: Preserving Nature
​​9 p.m.
New Development Commission Meeting


Program quality standards

All submitted material must be provided in broadcast quality, meeting technical standards determined by the Communications Division. They may be accepted as presented, turned down completely or given conditional approval based on the need for revisions or deletions. All non-GVTV produced programming requires a disclaimer before and after the showing of the program.

Understanding your cable bill

Cable Complaints

Although the Village has limited authority regarding the operations of the cable companies, the Village's Cable Television Division documents problems or issues Glenview residents may have with their local provider. Any problems you might have should first be addressed with the cable company (see customer service numbers below). If you are unable to resolve your complaint or would like to document a comment, you can notify the Cable Services Director by e-mail.

  • Glenview Television
    ( 847) 904-4475 (Cable Franchise Manager)
    2500 East Lake Avenue
    Glenview, IL 60026

Customer service:

For more information on FCC Customer Service Standards go to the website: