The Village of Glenview

 Pre-Certified Police Officer

Job Duties

Performs preventative patrols (i.e. via foot, patrol cars, bicycle, and/or motorcycle) and other crime prevention duties in the Village in order to enforce all laws and regulations, provide security, and detect violators. Performs traffic law enforcement, and establishes effective working relationships with community stakeholders, federal/state/local authorities, other Village Departments, and Village officials. Responds to complaints, accidents, disturbances and/or any requests for police response, assesses situations quickly and objectively, and determines most appropriate response in order to prevent potentially dangerous or violent situations from occurring or continuing.  Assists fire department on fire and medical calls. Investigates any reported crimes by gathering, securing and documenting evidence, interviewing witnesses, recording and submitting pertinent information.  Conducts surveillance when required. Maintains records of activities and prepares reports to provide information to investigators and/or prosecutors or any stakeholder that may require use of that information; submits timely reports for supervisor's review; and testifies in court proceedings to present evidence and to give personal account of incident/crime. Conducts arrests of persons violating the law including physically detaining persons according to established guidelines and procedures. Responds to emergency situations and begins to administer basic first aid to injured persons as necessary.  Performs various other tasks to assist other emergency personnel such as crowd control, directing traffic, and other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for pre-certified appointment to the position of Police Officer must meet the following minimum qualifications and requirements at the time of application:

  • Resident of, and legally authorized to work, in the United States
  • High school diploma or equivalent high school education
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and under the age of 35 years.  The foregoing age 35 limitation shall not apply in the case of any person having previous employment status as:
    • A police officer in a regularly constituted police department of any municipality, regardless of whether the municipality is located in Illinois or in another state, or
    • An auxiliary police officer under Section 3.1-30-20 of the Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILCS 5/3.1-30-20)  for at least 5 years and is under 40 years of age, or
    • A deputy under Section 3-6008 of the Illinois Counties Code (55 ILCS 5/3-6008) who otherwise meets necessary training requirements, or
    • A sworn officer with the Illinois Department of State Police or
    • A veteran shall be allowed to exceed the maximum age provision of this section by the number of years served on active military duty, but by no more than 10 years of active military duty.
  • Valid full-time certification as a Police Officer from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. 
  • Prior law enforcement experience within the two years immediately prior to submission of application.
  • Prior law enforcement experience must include job duties that are similar to those of a Glenview Police Officer. 
  • Substantiation of having passed most recent law enforcement Field Training Program.
  • Provide proof of their successful completion of the "Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report" (POWER test) within the previous 12 months prior to application submission.
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Valid Illinois Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card by time of hire

Selection Process

The selection process shall be so fashioned as to test fairly the capacity and fitness of the person examined to discharge the duties of the position of Police Officer.  Applicants may be recommended to be removed from the process following any of the examination components.  The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners will select from among the applicants successfully completing all examination components. 

Applicants selected to continue in the selection process will be subjected to the following examination components:

  • Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER Card) within the previous 12 months of the date of the exam, submitted with application material or presented at the SBSA. See for testing dates.     
  • Background Investigation:  Independent investigation of the applicant's moral character, personality, temperament, and other factors which may bear upon the applicant's fitness for the position of Police Officer.  Independent investigation of the applicant's work experience and merit in past performance of similar work.
  • Polygraph Examination:  No applicant shall be disqualified solely on the basis of polygraph chart evaluations.   
  • Assessment:  Tests of practical abilities measuring the applicant's ability to perform the tasks associated with performing the essential job functions of Police Officer.   
  • Oral Interview with Board of Fire and Police Commissioners                         

This is an ongoing job posting, there is no application deadline. Applications will be reviewed every 30 days, first review will be Friday, September 20, 2019. 

All qualified applicants will be notified upon review of received application.                           

Pre-employment Process

All applicants receiving a conditional offer of employment shall undergo a psychological examination and a medical physical, including a drug screen to determine if they can perform the essential functions of a Police Officer with or without reasonable accommodation. 

Police Officer Compensation

Salary:  The starting annual base salary for Pre-Certified Officers is $67,569-$77,537, depending on years of full-time, continuous law enforcement experience. This position is non-exempt under FLSA. For more information regarding salary, please see the collective bargaining agreement found here.

Fringe Benefits: The competitive benefit package includes participation in the Glenview Police Pension, employee- funded retirement programs, health insurance, dental, and vision insurance.

Accrued Leave: Accrued leave is prorated for the calendar year, depending on actual start date.  New Police Officers are eligible for: 80 hours of vacation, 96 hours of holiday, and 8 hours of sick leave accrued per month. For more information, see the collective bargaining agreement found here.

Shift Description: Shift selections are determined on an annual basis by seniority. Officer assigned to the Patrol Division work 12 hours per day and are assigned to one of two shifts: 6a.m. to 6p.m. or 6p.m. to 6a.m. Each shift is divided into two squads, which alternate days off. All Police Officers will work holidays, nights and weekends as required.

​ Pre-Certified Police Officer Application Instructions

Please review the steps outlined below prior to electronically submitting your name, and contact information, once you have submitted the below information in the "apply below" section you must mail or hand deliver your completed application, signed disclosure forms and ALL required documents to:

Village of Glenview

Attention: Human Resources

2500 E. Lake Ave.

Glenview, IL 60026

  • Complete the "apply below" section with your contact information and click "submit". You must include the date you will be mailing your application or hand delivering your application to ensure the Village can make accommodations to receive your application.
  • Mail or hand deliver the following completed items (all documents MUST be legible):
    • Application- must be completed with Adobe's fillable feature, hand written applications will not be accepted.
    • Candidate Affidavit
    • Disclosure and Authorization
    • Disclosure and Authorization Regarding Background Investigation
    • Copy of High School Diploma or Equivalent
    • Copy of College transcripts
    • Copy of Valid Driver's License
    • Copy of Full Time Law Enforcement Certification
    • Copy of Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Card (POWER Card) Must be issued within 12 months of application submission.
    • Copy of valid Illinois Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card by time of hire
    • Copy of an official letter from most recent law enforcement employer stating that you have passed the Field Training Program. If a law enforcement employer does not have a formal Field Training Program, a verifiable letter from the highest ranking member of the department (most commonly the Chief), has met their department's training requirements, may be accepted as alternative documentation.
    • Job descriptions of any law enforcement positions held within the last two years
    • Cover Letter (Optional)
    • Resume (Optional)

Incomplete applications may result in disqualification.

Faxed or e-mailed applications will NOT be accepted.

 The Village of Glenview is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer Committed.