The Village of Glenview

Who owns which Glenview road and bridge?

Several governments have jurisdiction

The Glenview Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 158 miles of roadways within Glenview. That means plowing off snow and ice, sweeping, filling cracks and paving.

The public can report potholes to the Village through our "Service Request" page.

But not all roadways within Glenview are maintained by the Village. The Cook County Highway Department and Illinois Department of Transportation have jurisdiction over many major arterials. Consult the chart below to find which government is responsible for which street.


Additionally, bridges in Glenview that cross over rivers, railroads and other roadways are maintained by either the Village, the Cook County Highway Department, the Illinois Department of Transportation or the Illinois Tollway. The chart below, created from information provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation Bridge Information website, shows which government is responsible for each.

To get more details about these bridges and others around Illinois, go to the IDOT Bridge Information website.