Learn more about the new Village website

May 15, 2024

Welcome to the new online home of the Village of Glenview!

The Village has completely refreshed and redesigned its website to create a more seamless experience for residents, businesses and visitors.

Here's a snapshot of what's new:

  • The website is fully customized and unique to Glenview. The homepage features a beautiful video package that showcases many of the things that make Glenview so special, and a streamlined navigation that prioritizes making it easy to find the most frequently clicked pages.
  • The site features a dedicated newsroom for news and updates from the Village and its partners. Articles published to the newsroom can be updated in real time and then shared anywhere to stay informed about everything from new programs, emergency communications and road closures.
  • Glenview Television has a prominent location on the home page where the latest programming will be featured. This space will also be used to direct visitors to live meetings of the Village Board and development commissions.
  • Construction and development projects now all have their own individual project page along with regular updates from the Village's capital projects and development staff. Visitors to any project page can now sign up for project updates as they become available. Check it out.
  • Residents can now reach individual members of the Village Board or staff directly through the website. You can contact staff here, and the Village Board here
  • The Village prioritized transparency in the website redesign. The transparency hub makes it easy to find financial information, Village salary and benefit details, file open records requests and more. Additionally, active public notices will be published to the Development Projects page.
  • The website enables the Village to create special alerts at the top of the page that can be used for road closures, emergency communications and other pertinent news that is deemed high priority.

If you spot a broken link or a bug, please send an email to Community Engagement Manager David Just at djust@glenview.il.us to report the issue.