Infrastructure improvements slated for Downtown Glenview this summer

June 14, 2024

The revitalization of Downtown Glenview includes infrastructure improvements this summer to enhance the ComEd electrical network and downtown storm water detention capabilities as the Village continues to improve the environment for new and existing businesses and residents.

Work related to these projects will begin on June 24, but roadways and crosswalks are not anticipated to be impacted until the second week of July.

Here’s a look at what to expect in the Downtown District this summer: 

July 8-12: Glenview Road closure

Glenview Road will be closed between Harlem and Pine for stormwater improvements during the week of July 8. 

Eastbound and westbound traffic will have identical detours south to Dewes Street. Eastbound traffic will be diverted south at Harlem, and westbound traffic will be diverted south at Church Street (see map 1).


Message boards will be installed on Glenview Road at Washington Street to the west and Waukegan Road to the east informing motorists of the closure.

The crosswalk on the north side of Glenview Road at Pine Street will be closed during construction. A designated pedestrian crosswalk across Glenview Road will divert pedestrians to the south side of the street (see map 2). 

The construction will be limited to the area between Depot and Pine streets, so parking stalls on Glenview Road in front of the businesses at Midtown Square will remain open to local traffic. 

July 15-26: Pine Street closure 

Once work along Glenview Road is completed, improvements will continue on Pine Street from Glenview Road north to Prairie Street. This stretch of Pine Street will be closed from July 15-26 (see map 3).

Residents in townhomes on the west side of Pine Street may enter/exit along Depot Street. Residents who use the alley between Glenview Road and Prairie Street may enter/exit at Church Street. 

The parking lot south of the townhomes will be permanently closed as part of the mixed-use development construction (see below).

Commuter Parking modifications

Prior to the start of construction near the corner of Pine Street and Glenview Road, several commuter stalls will no longer be accessible due to the construction of the mixed-use building on the former Bess Hardware site. As intended, these stalls will be removed from the commuter parking inventory, and Metra riders have the option of parking in other stalls adjacent to the railroad tracks or in designated parking lots on both sides of the tracks north of the Downtown Glenview train station. 

New Restaurant Construction at 1749 Glenview Road and Grove/Waukegan 

Ballyhoo Hospitality has begun construction of its new restaurant, Jackman & Co., at 1749 Glenview Road, one block east of the infrastructure improvements being performed by the Village. 

Ballyhoo anticipates the need to close the sidewalk on the south side of Glenview in front of the restaurant, between River Drive and Waukegan Road, but does not anticipate any road closures. Sidewalk will be open on the north side of Glenview Road. Construction is expected to run through much of the rest of the year. 

The new restaurant moving into the vacant service station at the northwest corner of Grove/Waukegan has been approved to begin construction. That construction is not anticipated to impact pedestrian access or roadways. 

Mixed-use development at 1850 Glenview Road 

The Drake Group intends to start construction on the five-story mixed-use residential and commercial building on the former Bess Hardware site once the ComEd and stormwater improvements are installed near Pine Street and Glenview Road. Sections of sidewalk along Glenview Road may be closed from time to time, and construction on the development is anticipated to take approximately 18 months to complete.