New to Town?

Let us help you get your household set up

​Welcome to Glenview! You've chosen to live in one of the finest residential communities on Chicago's North Shore.

Our Resolution Center can answer your questions. Call (847) 724-1700. You can also check out "everything Glenview" in the Resident Handbook (linked at right).

Here's some basic guidance in getting your household set up. The Village of Glenview does not list Internet or mobile telephone providers:

Electric Service

Gas Service

Garbage/Recycling/Landscape Waste

Water/Sewer service

Cable/Satellite television service

Pet Registration

Bicycle Registration

Resident Handbook

Resident Handbook

Whether you're a long-time resident or a newcomer, the Resident Handbook is designed to help you navigate Village services and "all things Glenview."

While this handbook can be a great resource for you, always feel free to call the Village at (847) 724-1700 with any additional questions you might have. Printed copies are also available.