Commercial Remodeling & Alterations

Interior Remodeling

Existing businesses

A commercial remodeling permit is required for interior remodeling by existing businesses. These include projects such as interior build-out, remodeling of existing commercial space and alteration of interior electrical, plumbing, fire and mechanical systems.

The application process calls for submission of three sets of scaled plans showing existing conditions and the proposed alterations. The documents are reviewed by Village staff for compliance with all applicable codes.

Once submitted, the goal is to complete the first review of the proposed project in 10 working days. Once a project is approved, the Village requires that contractors and subcontractors be licensed and bonded.

New businesses

In addition to the requirements outlined for existing businesses above, a new business could potentially also require:

  • a zoning variation or conditional use, which would require review by the Glenview Development Commission
  • a business license

Exterior Alterations

Exterior alterations include any alterations made to exterior elements of a building visible from the street. These include alterations to the exterior of the property or the exterior of the building, such as parking lot layout, parking walkways, new construction or an addition to an existing building.

The first step is to schedule a development meeting, where the scope of the project is evaluated informally. The more detail provided in writing, the more feedback Village staff can provide.

To determine whether the project is appropriate for the location selected, the Planning Division assists with the review of proposed land uses and development projects in order to ensure compatibility with the Village's Comprehensive Plan.

At subsequent meetings, Village staff will assist with the preparation of plans for submittal to and review by regulatory commissions.

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Alarm and Sprinkler Information

Development Center and Plan Reviewer Contacts

General Inquiries

(847) 904-4330

Building and Zoning Code Plan Reviewers

Chris Gray

​Development Center Manager

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Arnold Ibardaloza

Plan Examiner

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Charlie Poterek

Plan Examiner

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Engineering Plan Reviewers

Tim Horn

​Engineering Plan Reviewer​

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Dayna Adamczyk

​Engineering Plan Reviewer

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Izabella Shterev

Engineering Plan Reviewer

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Madeleine Holoska

Engineering Plan Reviewer

(847) 904-4157