Block Party, Special Event and Film Permits

To ensure block parties and special events held in the community are safe, the Village may require event organizers to obtain a permit. See below for information about various permit requirements.

Special Event Permit

Block Party Permit

Film Permit

Temporary Food Permit

Farmers Market Permit

Special Event Banner

Raffle License

Information about selling/serving alcohol at Special Events

Garage Sales

garage sale

Garage sales do not require permits in residential areas.

Signs advertising a garage sale cannot exceed nine square feet and may be placed in the parkway in front of a residence for up to three days, including the day(s) of the sale.

If the residence does not front on a major thoroughfare, a second sign may be placed in the parkway of the closest thoroughfare on the days of the sale. If you host a garage sale, please remove all posted signs once it's concluded.

For more information, call the Community Development Department's Inspectional Services Division at 847-904-4340.