Parkway Tree Maintenance

The Village manages and maintains more than 30,000 trees throughout its parkways and municipal properties. Managing this urban forest requires a clear understanding of the trees, their ages, conditions and location so that crews can perform work.

Glenview Public Works is responsible for the planting, maintenance and removal of trees located along public roads and rights-of-way. Parkway tree planting by the Village is done in the spring and fall each year. Each public tree is inspected at least once every six years by a licensed arborist.

Urban Forest Management Plan

An urban forest includes the trees growing in a city, town or suburb, and Glenview’s Urban Forest Management Plan outlines the goals, budgets and best practices for the management of the Village's urban forest through 2032. 

The mission of the Plan is to increase the tree canopy cover within the Village and maximize the benefits trees provide. The Plan, which was supported by a grant from the USDA Forest Service and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources through the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, was approved by the Village Board in 2022.

Read the Urban Forest Management Plan on the right hand side of this page.

Bulk and brush pick-ups

The Village does not provide pickups for bulk items such as appliances and brush. These arrangements must be made directly by the homeowner with Groot Industries by calling (847) 734-6450. 

Grass and weeds

The Village actively enforces the ordinances regarding the cutting of privately owned lots. Grass and weeds must not exceed 8 inches in height.  

Parkway Trees FAQ

Trimming of parkway trees and other trees located on Village rights-of-ways are currently done on a five-year cycle. If you're not sure if a tree is on your property or Village property, please call Public Works at (847) 724-1700.

The Public Works Department removes dead parkway trees. Trees infected with Dutch elm disease are tagged and promptly removed by the Village. According to the Village of Glenview Municipal Code, diseased elms on private property are tagged, and the property owners are required to remove the trees at their expense.

Village parkway tree planting is done each year in the spring and fall. Parkway tree plantings are funded 100 percent by the Village. The number and location of plantings is determined according to the following three priorities and annual funding availability:

  1. Residents who have lost parkway trees and have sufficient area in the parkway receive a 2-inches diameter replacement tree within the next planting season.
  2. Annually, sections of the Village are slated for reforestation as part of the Village's five-year Capital Improvement Program. 
  3. Residents requesting trees and who have parkway space available receive a new tree. Please note, there may be a waiting period since the number of requests exceeds funds available.

After a tree is cut down, the stump and root system are removed to eight inches below the surface, leaving the remaining root system to decompose. Because of this, a tree cannot be replaced immediately upon removal. Requests for replacement trees are met in the order in which the trees are removed and are subject to annual tree budgets.

After a water main break or sewer excavation, sod is used to restore the yard. Six months are needed after the main break to let the ground settle before the repair can be done. For stump removal or plow damage, black dirt and seed are used to repair the yard. It is very important to water the seed after it has been planted in order for it to grow properly.

Call Public Works Department at (847) 724-1700 to make a service request. If the tree is on the parkway, it is the responsibility of the Village. If it is from a private tree, the homeowner is responsible for removing the limb.

You can bag leaves with landscape waste bags, which can then be picked up by Groot with your weekly garbage. The Village does not provide a separate leaf collection program.

The Village does not provide brush pickup. Call Groot Industries at (847) 734-6450. 

Important Tree Resources

Looking up into a tree canopy

The Village takes our tree canopy, sustainability and the environment seriously. Here are some good resources to help you make sure you can always see the forest and the trees.